Download 7 Best (Free) Screenshot Software for Windows PC

If you’re scratching the web for the best screenshot software available for windows PC then you’ve stumbled upon the right post. In the post below, we’ve listed the best free screenshot software for Windows computers.

If you’ve ever tried to take game screenshots by means of a Windows tool you’ll understand why this is significant – the unconventional graphics modes. It offers unique ideas which make it different from just being screenshot software.

It can easily take pictures from your laptop webcam by including a full flat of scanning options to ensure your documents looks nothing but the best. It’s meek, but it has the control to take valuable screen captures.

Not only can you grab full-screen images, rectangles, and the existing dynamic window, but it’s also proficient in performing free-form slices. All you need is to drag your mouse around the area on the screen you’re attentive to emphasizing and it’ll bring in only those pixels within your draft.

So here is the list of the 7 best print screen or screenshot software to download on any Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows 11 PC (32-bit and 64-bit).

Screenshot Software

The List of Best Screenshot Apps for Windows PC:

1. Lightshot:

The Lightshot screenshot app allows you to select any specific part on your computer and take screenshots. A simple and user-friendly interface makes your job done easy and quick. Download the Light Shot app for Windows PC and Mac.

Download Lightshot

2. Screenpresso:

Screenpresso is the latest and lightweight app to capture your PC’s desktop with the default image editing tool. You can also take screenshots in streaming videos. Grab what you see with just a single click. Screenpresso screenshot software supports more than 15 different languages.

Download Screenpresso

3. ShareX:

ShareX is ideal for capturing any sort of game free with Steam available. The user can capture non-steam games that work well with hardware and acceleration that comes only with games.

Usually, steam is primarily a way of downloading and buying games. But at the same time, it also applies its own overlay when you play games that let you take screenshots.

Download ShareX

4. Screenshot Captor:

With a screenshot captor, there is more than meets the eyes. This software does a little extra than what it promises.

It offers better and enhanced webcam support, annotations, and editing options. It comes with a vast choice of editing tools with a high customization interface.

Download Screenshot Captor

5. SnapDraw:

SnapDraw is a great screen capture app with amazing post-treating effects. It is a must having editing tool with lots of screenshot features for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and email sending.

You can also do when it comes to bagging and also taking down shots of the whole lot from monitoring multiple shots once all the way down to a single object within one window.

Download SnapDraw

6. Gadwin PrintScreen:

The best part about the Gadwin PrintScreen software is the customized bale export options and simple controls with zero to no editing tools.

This print screen software is quite popular and for all the right reasons. It is very convenient to use and sit silently in the device tray until you require it.

When you try, it’s an easy way which bound to a choice of your hotkeys to take a screenshot or slice a rectangular area.

Download Gadwin PrintScreen

7. Windows Snipping Tool:

It’s built into windows and comes with simple annotation tools that offer limited customization. It is comprised of the mainstream Windows systems since the XP days, the Snipping Tool is an oft-overlooked app inserted away in the earnest rests of the Start menu.

Download Windows Snipping Tool

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