Aasara Pension Scheme Application (Old Age Pension) PDF Form

Aasara Pension scheme is implemented as social security meant for protecting the needy by giving them the means to live a life with dignity and alleviate immediate distress. Telangana Government provides financial assistance to combat the ever-increasing cost of living and inflation.

The Telangana government has begun accepting new applications to extend the old-age pension after reducing the age eligibility from 65 years to 57. The candidates must submit the application form along with the following documents. Aasara Pension scheme application for sanction of the new old-age pension.

The social security scheme started with the aim of providing financial assistance to the elderly, disabled, and widows. The scheme provides a monthly pension to eligible beneficiaries to help them meet their basic needs and improve their standard of living.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme include being a resident of Telangana, being of a certain age or having a specific type of disability, and meeting other criteria set by the government. Beneficiaries can receive a pension ranging from a minimum of ₹1000 to a maximum of ₹5000, based on their eligibility and the category under which they are enrolled.

Aasara Pension Application Form

PDF NameAasara Pension Application Form PDF
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Published19th August 2021
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Aasara Pension Form

Aasara Application PDF

Download Aasara Pension Application Form (English)

Download Aasara Pension Application Form (Telugu)

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