Download Air Strike 2 (3D) Game for Windows PC

Air Strike 2 is one of the most popular shooting games available for Windows PC. You will fly a helicopter equipped with advanced weapons and items. Your mission is to destroy the enemy’s secret bases and an arms company located worldwide.

There are only 2 rules in the Air Strike PC game. Stay alive and kill as many enemies as you can to reach a high score. During the game, you will get powerups, the latest weapons, and arms. For eliminating enemies you might get stars, which will increase your rank whenever you collect them.

In the main menu, you will see a list of available missions you can play. You can play any mission you want but you have to complete the last mission successfully to play new missions. When you complete one, a new mission will automatically be available for you to play.

Also, you can select your battle helicopter in the game menu. During the game, you will be allowed to fly new helicopters. Press the start button to start the mission. You may also encounter a number of useful power-ups and special items, which you can pick up just by flying above them.

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Air Strike 2 PC Game Difficulty Levels:

  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Nightmare

Air Strike Game for PC

Air Strike 2 Game Power-Ups:

• Stars: Collect as many stars as you to increase your rank.

• 50% Repair: This power-up allows you to repair up to 50% of damaged armor.

• 100% Repair: Full repair of your helicopter’s armor.

• Energy Shield: The energy shield gives you full protection from your helicopter for some time. Use this opportunity carefully to do the most damage to your enemies without getting yourself hurt.

• Uranium Accelerator: Taking this item immediately increases your maneuverability for the next 20 seconds.

• Speed Reducer: This will slow down the speed ensuring more accurate firing.

• 1 Up: It gives you one more life.

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Air Strike II Special Items:

• Annihilator: This Annihilator is capable of burning out 1000s of square km.

• Satellite Strike: Fire from a satellite can easily destroy a number of enemy units at once.

• Air Support: Whenever you need it from the air, this item comes in very handy.

• Rocket Strike: A number of missiles go on a hunt and you don’t have to worry.

• Lightning Bomb: Extremely dangerous weapon. You don’t need to aim. This big lightning bomb will find its targets without any issues.

• Cluster Bomb: This powerful item release a deadly hail of smaller bombs once detonated by the impact with the ground.

Air Strike 2 PC Game

Air Strike PC Game Weapons:

There are a number of weapons available in the Air Strike 2 3D PC game. At the beginning of the game, you only get a machine gun that can easily be upgraded to another powerful weapon. To upgrade, you must collect some ammo packs, and here is the full list of weapons you can use.

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Primary Weapons:

• Machine Gun: Not much powerful though, but a machine gun has a higher fire rate that makes it more useful against enemies. You can also upgrade your gun up to the third level.

• Impulse Gun: The energy beans of this gun will blow the enemy out of their helicopter seat.

• Plasma Cannon: The plasma cannon releases a deadly stream of plasma bullets at its target.

• Quantum cannon: A latest fiber-glass gun that shoots and reloads faster than you can think.

• Missile Gun: The Missiles gun is a very effective weapon for excessive enemy air units.

• Big Laser: This highly advanced & accurate weapon produces deadly streams of accelerated photons. it will cause a delay you must recharge after each shot.

• Wave Gun: Wave gun generates very damaging high-frequency waves.

• Lightning Gun: This gun can be very useful in the heat of combat thanks to its capability of multi-target fire.

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Air Strike II PC Game Keyboard Controls:

Below is a list of the default controls. You can change any of these from the Configure Controls menu. Joysticks and Gamepads can also be configured from the Configure Controls menu.

• Up arrow key:To move forward
• Down arrow key:To move back
• Left arrow key:To move left
• Right arrow key:To move right
• Ctrl key:Press the Ctrl key for the primary attack
• Z key:To switch primary weapon
• Shift key:For missile attack
• X key:To switch missiles
• Space Bar key:To use the power-up
• C key:Press the C key to switch the power-up

Special Keys:

• F5:For SFX volume up
• F6:For SFX volume down
• F7:Music volume up
• F8:Music volume down
• F9:For camera view
• F12:Press the F12 key to take a screenshot

Download Details:

File Name: Air Strike 2 PC Game

Download Size: 12 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Demo Download

Publisher: Divo Games

Language: Multi-language

Rating: Excellent

Version: Trial Version

Category: Windows PC Games

Download Air Strike 2 Game for Windows PC

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