Download Angry Birds Game for Java Mobile Phone

Angry Birds is one of the most download and popular mobile games in a video game industry, dealing with the revenge of birds stolen by pigs. The angry birds are trying to save their eggs from pigs and take revenge. Angry bird’s game is one of the best mobile game series of all time. The game has been free to download for any Java mobile device.

It’s a simple but addictive game with a version made for Java, Android, iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Microsoft Windows devices. As we all know, you have to throw birds and destroy the pigs, and if we shoot the targets with fewer birds we may get some additional points.

The game is absolutely like that; you must shoot the pigs that are lined up in each division with the birds given to you in a limited number. It’s not that much easy to shoot pigs, because they’re covered by trees, concrete, etc. Once you shoot the pigs you will see different levels and you can shoot with so many different birds.

In addition to this, you can purchase a shocking angry bird. Once you started playing, there are number of shocking birds. When you throw shocking birds, the bird bursts, and around you die easily. So you can easily pass next level. Download angry birds for java mobile free download.

The game was first released on 2009 for Apple iPhone OS. The company later released the game for other touch screen mobile phone including Java, Android, Symbian (Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Nokia 240×320 touchscreen and keypad mobile phone) and Windows Phone and for PCs and gaming consoles. Angry Birds is one of the world’s most popular freemium mobile game series of all time.

Angry Birds Game for Java Mobile

Download Angry Birds Games for Java Mobile Phone:

Angry Birds Rio: Angry birds Rio is also the most played game among the undisputed Java mobile games. In this game, our heroes are trapped in Rio and you need to protect them from the cages they have closed off.

The angry bird game has millions of fans all over the world with the most charming characters in Rio this time. Get ready to meet the new characters of this fantastic game and save them from the cages they have been bothered with.

• Angry Birds Space: Angry Birds are irritated by the space to save piggy friends in space without  gravity. You can download this version from Google Play or from the below given link and play the new series of Angry Birds Space.

Some of the space features including new characters, hidden bonus levels, 60 different planets, and all new adventures in space with zero gravity.

Angry Birds Game Series: Angry Birds, Seasons, Rio, Friends, Space, Star Wars, Star Wars II, Angry Birds Go, Epic, Transformers, Fight, Angry Birds 2, Action, Blast, Evolution and the latest and 16th series Angry Birds Match.

Supported Java Mobile Devices (Keypad and Touch Screen):

• Nokia
Sony Ericson
Micromax and many more

File Name: Angry Bird Game Java

File Type: .Jar

Developers: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

License: Free Download

Size: 2.15 MB

OS: Java OS

Download Angry Birds Game for Java Mobile

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