7 Best Apps for College Students to Help Them Study in 2022

Smartphones are no longer considered a distraction for students. Perfect usage of today’s technology will lead a student to success. There are many applications available for students to help them in every aspect.

In the present scenario, technology is the only thing that is helping to connect teachers and students even in the midst of this deadly pandemic. Here are a few best apps for students that we personally use and also recommend for others as well.

List of 5 Best Apps for College Students:

Must Have Apps for Students

1. Google Classroom:

This is a very useful and the best app for students and teachers. This is a virtual classroom where everything that was taking place in a real classroom can be done virtually.

It is a safe and easy application to use. From assignment submission to unit tests or internals etc., everything can be carried out very easily.

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During this pandemic, almost every institute used this platform. Since it consumes very little data and its user-friendly interface attract everyone.

Download Google Classroom App

Best Apps for College Students

2. BYJU’S – The Learning App:

BYJUS is one of the leading educational apps. Its major feature includes video lessons, live classes, personalized learning, and unlimited practice.

They offer free live classes from India’s top educators. Since it has a wide scope that caters to the needs of aspirants ranging from 4th standard to IAS.

They cover the entire syllabus regardless of class. Localized video lessons are used to explain even the most complex subjects with simpler examples along with the help of animations. Great visualization helps students to understand much better.

Download BYJU’S App

App for Students

3. Udemy – Online Courses:

Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms. This offers a wide range of courses for all types of learners from all genres where some are free and some are paid.

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This guarantees a certificate of completion. They provide huge options for a particular course and make sure they satisfy almost all criteria that a student demands.

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Download Udemy App

Important Apps for College Students

4. Photomath:

Mathematics is one of the difficult subjects. Photomath is an app that solves almost every mathematical problem from very simple to complicated ones.

It doesn’t require an internet connection to run. Photomath is one of the best apps for students you just need to click the photo of the problem using the camera. Surprisingly, it works faster and more accurately.

Download Photomath App

Productivity Mobile Applications for Students

5. Adobe Scan:

PDF scanner with OCR, PDF Creator: Adobe Scan is used to instantly turn any document into a fully editable PDF. This free scanning app helps students to scan their assignments, projects, or other documents and submit them instantly.

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Save all your receipts as one PDF, or conveniently save them as JPEGs. Sign scanned documents, with the Adobe Acrobat Reader app. Select the perfect page size, remove imperfections, Search content with ease, and find & extract text with OCR.

Download Adobe Scan App

Mobile Application for College Students

6. Alarm Clock:

Wake up missions, loud alarm-Alarmy: Alarmy is the smartest alarm clock. The biggest challenge for a student is to wake up early in the morning after a severe night’s study schedule.

To overcome this, Alarmy has a feature where students need to solve a math problem or take a photo of either sink or refrigerator soon after the alarm rings.

Students just cannot snooze or skip the alarm rings as in other apps. This one is very helpful if you want to study in the morning as Alarmy will wake you up with multiple alarms and loud sounds.

Download Alarmy Alarm Clock App

best apps for university students

7. Internshala:

The internship search app for students: Internshala provides the best internships across India. Students can find their interested internships and apply for them.

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Internshala is a very useful mobile app for students with a user-friendly interface that helps students to find relevant internships. They also have an online learning feature, which assures an authentic certificate of completion.

Download Internshala App

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