8 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows PC

Have you lost valuable files & documents? Did you accidentally delete the files from your PC? Do you want to recover those files from your Windows PC? well, you’re not the only one it is an unavoidable circumstance and it may happen unexpectedly anytime with anyone. Whatever may be the cause but our main concern is how to get back the valuable data.

Computer data has a direct or an indirect effect on our lives. The value of data relies on person to person. For instance, the priority of data for a graduate will be different from that of a business person. As computer programs are not perfect subsequently they can cause data failure as a result of physical or logical breaks down. Such data losses can cause immense damage.

For this purpose, all you have to do is only commit a regular backup of your important data either with the help of a backup maintaining program or manually. And just in case you haven’t done it using software or manually, then you must use one of these apps to be able to prevent such a regrettable circumstance of data corruption.

It’s very easy you can do it all by yourself below are some of the best free & premium data recovery software available for both Windows and macOS you can retrieve any type of file such as photos, videos, documents, audio, etc. If the file is partially overwritten, it can still be restored. Nowadays, the latest applications have made it possible to scan your info without damaging this info.

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This program can be used to get back your lost or deleted data quickly and effectively. For this, you just need proper software to download and get back your data on your Windows PC. No worries! Here we brought up the 5 best and free deleted data recovery software for your Windows PC (10, 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, and 7).

There are many recovery tools that are easily available in the market such as DiskDrill, Recuva, Stellar, and Wise data recovery software. But in order to choose an excellent recovery tool, this product overview will certainly help you.

List of 7 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows PC:

Best Data Recovery Apps for PC

1. Disk Drill:

Disk Drill is the best data recovery app for Mac and windows. It is having amazing features and a simple user interface. It would be easy for you to retrieve your data that was deleted or lost in any situation. You can download Disk Drill for free to recover your lost files or data up to 500 MB.

You can recover data from all popular storage devices in over 300 file formats. It is the most preached and used software by many users around the world due to its easy accessibility and reliability. You should download it for your data recovery you will surely don’t regret it.

No matter which Windows PC you are using Disk Drill supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, and Vista. And no matter what type of files you have to retrieve it supports almost all documents like video, audio, images, documents, archives, and others.

Download Disk Drill Software

2. Stellar Data Recovery:

Stellar is one of the best and free data recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted data on your windows PC and external storage space. You can recover all kinds of data from any kind of risk. With the Stellar free version, you can easily recover up to 1GB of formatted, deleted, or corrupted data.

Recover data on any windows based storage media like hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, and eMMC. It is available in multiple international languages. Select the recovery tool that provides the best quality features and functionalities. Stellar is best to get your files back and it’s safe.

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The file preview is a good feature. it will show your files that are recoverable and helps you select certain or all files for recovery. This easy-to-use app helps you recover deleted data in simple steps so what are you waiting for, go ahead and try and get back your valuable files before it’s too late.

Download Stellar Data Recovery Software

3. Wise Data Recovery:

Sometimes data recovery is hard, if you want to recover your damaged files by yourself, then you need to look for the perfect application which will help you towards an effective accomplishment of your goal. You will find a great number of applications that might be easily accessible online.

And Wise data recovery software is one among them, it is trusted and user-friendly, and recovering data is simple, you can easily search for files required using keywords. You can also recover individual files or entire folders at once just based on your needs.

The process of recovery needs to be executed carefully so that the deleted files can be restored efficiently. You can select many files at once in several locations. It is available for free. For advanced features, you can buy a premium for wise data recovery.

Download Wise Data Recovery Software

4. Recuva:

To be able to get people out of this misery there are multiple software’s that can be tried to get back the lost data in a matter of clicks. For instance, many successful data recovery software is found in the market which can serve as a big relief for them. Among them, Recuva is such a big name developed by Piriform.

Recuva is an amazing data recovery software it is the powerful and best toolkit for retrieving data. It’s free to download and the pro version is also available. You can recover mostly all kinds of files from your Windows PC. Its free version is worth checking out as an option. It does deep scanning and retrieves data.

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This free software recovers lost, deleted, or erased data from FAT and NTFS partitions with high-quality advantages in it. Can recover files that were removed with the use of SHIFT+ DELETE keys. Using the right tool like Recuva can actually help to save you from such serious data difficulties and that too for free.

Download Recuva Data Recovery Software

5. Recover My Files:

Recover my files is the most reliable and accessible data recovery software, particularly for your windows PC. Recover your files as it enables you to view data recovery results. But in order to achieve the highest degree of success, you ought to select the best quality software application.

You can recover from the windows recycle bin, lost files by a virus, Trojan infection, etc. Get back data from the hard disk and drive from your windows PC. It retrieves documents, files, photos, video, music, Emails, NTFS, FAT (12/16/32), ex-FAT. It is free to download and useful and reliable to use on your PC.

The only thing that can save you at that time is Recover My Files software by GetData. This software restores all the missing files quickly and efficiently. Recover lost, deleted, empties from recycle bin, from a program crash, accidental format, Windows reinstall, system restore, and corrupted hard drive or missing drive letter.

Download Recover My Files Software

6. Magic Partition Recovery:

Magic Partition Recovery is designed with the ability to recover the files and also repair partitions. Installing the program allows you to recover any file and folder. If there is any broken partition, the program will repair it. It is an all-in-one program that is operating in automatic mode.

The program also has the ability to rebuild the corrupted and missing file system. Those are executed in full auto mode. Magic Partition Recovery features fast and comprehensive analysis modes. The program is working to recover the files and rebuild the original file system according to the information which is still available.

The developer of the program is East Imperial Soft Company. Magic Partition is introduced as the new data recovery tool to recover lost information. This new tool is combining comprehensive functionality and an intuitive user interface. Download the full version for Windows PC for absolutely free.

Download Magic Partition Recovery Software

7. FreeUndelete:

Undelete software can retrieve data from any storage media like Microdisk, flash drives, hard drives, and many more. Many recovery software can be bought in the market which could be utilized to retrieve the lost or erased data.

With a user-friendly interface, the software tool is comfortable to manage with a variety of functions. FreeUndelete offers an absolutely free full version for personal use that is worthwhile to users in picking the right stuff.

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FreeUndelete recovery software enables users to restore files i.e. incidentally or intentionally deleted files, removed files by using shift + delete keys, or even files from an empty recycle bin can also be retrieved by using this software.

Free Undelete software tools are comprehensive tools in order to restore missed or damaged data. Usually, these recovery tools offer support for FAT and NTFS file formats. Some of these tools are quite different than they can handle extreme data corruption situations.

But before you make a selection among different available recovery programs, you must read, analyze and research reviews and comments of those who have already used that specific tool. Good Luck!

Download Undelete Software

8. WinfrGUI:

WinfrGUI provides a graphical interface and step-by-step guide on top of Windows File Recovery (Microsoft) to get you out of the complicated command line and recover deleted files in Windows with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, the operation interface of WinfrGUI is simple and can be operated by anyone. What’s more, all features of this product are 100% FREE.

Download WinfrGUI App

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