Hard Drive Eraser: 9 Best File Shredder Software of 2023

There are various file eraser software options available for different operating systems, including both free and paid versions.

If you think you will delete a file from your PC! and Your file is deleted and you don’t have to worry about your privacy then sorry to break it down to you that you are wrong! Simply deleting a file from your PC will not delete your file from the system completely.

When you click on the delete button, the file is deleted from the Master File Table (in NTFS drives) or File Allocation Table (in FAT16/32 & exFAT drives). To protect your privacy and prevent identity theft you must consider using File Eraser Software.

What is File Shredder Software?

File shredder software is a type of computer program designed to securely delete or overwrite files on a storage device, such as a hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD), in a way that makes it very difficult or nearly impossible to recover the deleted data.

The primary purpose of the hard drive eraser software is to protect sensitive or confidential information from unauthorized access or data recovery attempts. A file eraser software overwrites the selected files, ensuring that they can never be retrieved using any data recovery software.

There are numerous file eraser software available online, and choosing the right one for your PC is difficult. To make your task easier, we have handpicked and reviewed some of the best file eraser software of all time. Here are a few best file eraser software for Windows PCs in 2023.

List of 9 Best File Erasers for Windows PC:

Kernel File Shredder

1. Kernel File Shredder:

The Kernel File Shredder is one of the top and best file shredder software of all time. It is an efficient utility software that will prevent any unauthorized person from getting access to your data. People can have access to your data if you do not shred it effectively.

The software applies effective methods to sanitize data and remove files automatically after formal deletion. It applies one of the best data sanitization methods and also employs other prominent algorithms that will make it impossible for any unauthorized organization to recover your data at any time.

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It makes sure the data is not recovered by any kind of data recovery tool. You can also schedule file shredding tasks and the files will be erased automatically. You can also rename the file before shredding it. There are other features that make this program the perfect one to go for.

Other Details:

Bitraser File Eraser

2. BitRaser:

The BitRaser is a secure file-shredding software that will help you get rid of files in an effective way. It comes with a safeguarding program that will help you remove private and hidden data in a better way. Erases any files, folders & hard drive volumes from Windows PC and server.

It uses some amazing and effective data sanitization methods along with effective algorithms to get rid of your data. You can also automate and schedule file shredding tasks with ease. BitRaser offers permanent erasure of your files beyond recovery.

It also has the ability to make an erasure list with the names of all files and folders that can be deleted in a single click. It deletes partitions, application traces, web history, and data from mapped disks in your computer, and supports more than 15 global data erasure standards.

Other Details:

  • By: Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  • Website: www.bitraser.com
  • License: Paid
Eraser Software

3. Eraser:

Eraser is another amazing file-erasing software for your Windows, you must try it without a doubt. The software will remove all kinds of private and sensitive data by overwriting it several times in different patterns. The program will effectively remove data from your hard drive without any inconvenience or security threat.

No matter the specifications of your computer, you can trust Eraser to deliver reliable and efficient file-erasing capabilities without any hardware limitations. It removes files as well as volume wiping. It currently supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows 11.

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It securely erases all the data by overwriting and makes them irrecoverable. It goes beyond the standard delete function in an operating system, ensuring that files are overwritten with random data multiple times to prevent their recovery. If you are looking for decent hard drive eraser software then go for Eraser without any doubt.

Other Details:

Freeraser File Shredding Software

4. Freeraser:

Freeraser is another commendable file-erasing app for Windows that will get rid of any kind of sensitive data, and delete confidential files quickly. It applies the best data shredding methods and algorithms. Freeraser uses data shredding methods such as Military and NSA Standard.

It’s a powerful application that allows users to erase unwanted files & folders from their computer permanently unrecoverable & leaving no traces. It is commonly used to delete files that contain personal, financial, or other sensitive information to maintain privacy and prevent identity theft.

If you are looking for hard drive eraser software that is available for free and is user-friendly then Freeraser is the right program you must install. Freeraser is a portable file eraser which means you no need to install it, just download it to your PC and use it whenever you need it.

Other Details:

  • By: Freeraser
  • License: Free
WipeDrive Home Software

5. Disk Wipe:

Disk Wipe application allows you to delete private and confidential files with ease by applying some of the best algorithms and data-shredding methods. It also allows you to create a detailed report of the files that have been erased.

Disk Wipe is a portable program; no installation is necessary. It is a free Windows PC utility. Users can safely remove data from their hard disks or other memory storage devices using this tool. Enjoy the freedom to tailor the program to your preferences and achieve the desired results effortlessly.

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Remove digital files without the risk that anyone may recover your secrets. Whether you want to sanitize a single PC or 1000s networked drives, it has the correct classification. Disk Wipe is one of the most trusted data erasure and hard drive eraser programs available online.

Other Details:

Blancco Free Shredder

6. Blancco File Eraser:

Blancco is another best file-eraser software available online. It is freemium software that will allow you to destroy all your files as well as data with ease. You can easily get rid of your private and confidential files with selected eraser standards rapidly.

You can also erase the Recycle Bin folder, empty storage space, and system files such as temporary files, cookies, and others as well. The Blancco applies international eraser standards and uses the best data erasing methods.

This software also helps you to permanently remove information from your computer by shredding selected files & folders. Get a free file erasure trial version for enterprises and ensure the files and folders deleted from your computer’s hard disk are beyond recovery you shall also wipe the free space on hard drives.

Other Details:

  • By: Blancco Technology Group
  • Website: www.blancco.com
  • License: Free Trial Version
Hard Disk Scrubber

7. Hard Disk Scrubber:

Another incredible freeware in the list to help you get rid of private and confidential files is the Hard Disk Scrubber. It will delete all the private files to an extent where none of them can be recovered by a data recovery program or tools.

Many file shredder applications provide a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to individuals without advanced technical skills and Hard Disk Scrubber is one of them. It uses the best data shredding methods. It is an easy-to-use program and is a good choice to go for as a file-eraser software for your Windows PC.

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Say goodbye to any worries about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This free application will delete all kinds of sensitive data from your computer with ease. Download and make it a habit to always erase the sensitive data in your recycle bin. Destroy your files for good, for sure, for free.

Other Details:

Easy File Shredder

8. Easy File Shredder:

It offers a seamless user experience, making it exceptionally easy to use. With just a few simple steps, you can confidently erase files that contain sensitive information, ensuring that they never end up in the wrong hands. The process permanently deletes the files, rendering them irretrievable, even to the most advanced file recovery software available.

Experience the utmost security with Easy File Shredder, as it employs government-approved file shredding algorithms that guarantee maximum protection. Once you delete your files rest assured that it will be gone for good. Safely shred confidential files, including financial records, personal documents, and precious photos, knowing that they will be gone for good.

It understands that users have unique requirements when it comes to file erasing. That’s why the software offers customizable settings to cater to your specific needs. You can enjoy the freedom to tailor the program to your preferences and achieve the desired results effortlessly.

Other Details:

Free File Shredder

9. Free File Shredder:

It is a fast, secure, and completely free application designed for the permanent removal of unwanted files from your computer. Rest assured that your sensitive data will be thoroughly and irreversibly eliminated, leaving no trace behind. It is available for both personal and commercial use under the GNU/GPL General Public License.

It is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and even the latest Windows 11. Additionally, the software does not have any specific minimum hardware requirements. Enjoy the benefits of a reliable file shredder without any cost, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

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