14 Best iOS Games for iPhone & iPad

Having one of the privileged phones in the electronics market is one of the best investments especially if it’s an iPhone. With many upgrading versions coming into the market every now and then peers tend to change their phones and be up to date with technology.

iPhone being a privileged phone is because of its features and with features comes the expense. When people buy an expensive phone, their hopes also are high about its working ability, camera, storage, and gaming.

If you are a gamer your phone must be filled with games, not just games but a variety of up to date games. And iPhone being iOS has specialized and specific amazing games that are not found in any android phones.

Having access to exclusive games is exciting. iPhone iOS has a massive impact in the gaming world, with its top-notch gaming ideas and technology and multi-touch innovations.

The best iOS games innovated being puzzle games, racing, adventures and etc. are some games that keep peers engaging every now and then.

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iPhone being handy, you can use it to play games everywhere you go, with no restrictions what so ever. You may be a habitual gamer or a casual gamer, iPhone offers you some best easy to go with exclusive games.

Best iOS Games

Some of the best iPhone & iPad iOS games are:

1. Donut County:

It is an interesting game in which the gamer has access to various holes in all levels and each hole will keep opening to more holes.

You have to swallow every object that is present in the hole and then consecutively the next hole opens up and the deeper you go the whole’s size gets bigger and bigger.

Publisher: Snowman

App Store Ratings: 3.9/5

Download Donut County Game

2. The White Door:

It is a storytelling puzzle, it starts with a person sleeping on the best with retaining no memory, and is given a list of things to complete, and after the tasks given are done he goes through an uneasy phase where he has a lot of problems reaching the goal.

By then his memories are back too.  There are some horrific plans you will discover throughout.

Publisher: Snowman

App Store Ratings: 4.9/5

Download The White Door Game

3. Alto’s Odyssey:

With vast varieties of games online, this game stands out because of its artistic views and calmness that it provides.

Allama herder will go down the hills and you will accompany him, it gets interesting when an amount of unblock-able characters get loaded on and you can fly! Yes, you can fly using the zen mode in this game.

Publisher: Snowman

App Store Ratings: 4.4/5

Download Alto’s Odyssey Game

4. Into the Dead 2:

It gives players the best quality of gaming. This game is a full package of running, guns and car accidents. It’s the perfect zombie game.

A man named James will be getting back home to his daughter and wife when he meets with a car accident and zombies fully cover him, and he needs to escape! This is a full enthusiastic game!

Publisher: PikPok

App Store Ratings: 4.7/5

Download Into the Dead 2 Game

5. The Witness:

It is a fascinating design world game. This iOS game takes you to an unknown island, with no information provided to you about who you are too.

Your job is to find clues and find out why you have been placed in that unknown island. There will be numerous puzzles to solve and will keep you engaged for hours.

Publisher: Thekla, Inc.

App Store Ratings: 3.9/10

Download The Witness Game

6. The Machines:

This is the most favorable iOS game. And iOS phone will make your flat surface into a war zone.

There can be multiple players in this war zone with many players you will get the feel of a real war zone. In this game, a player can make use fully of the ARKit of iOS.

Publisher: Directive Games

App Store Rating: 3.6/5

Download The Machines Game

7. Battleheart 2:

This game will offer you speedy battles. This is more like a real game, where you control your characters and give a path to them to proceed.

You will be battling against monsters, so you will have specialized skills and powers too.

Publisher: Mika Mobile, Inc.

App Store Rating: 3.8/5

Download Battleheart 2 Game

8. Holedown:

This is an engaging game all over it is a series of puzzles. You will get to shoot shots on various planets but they have a limited number of shots. And aiming can get hard at times.

You can also break blocks, once you break clocks you get crystals. It is a very challenging game that will not let you divide your attention anywhere.

Publisher: Webbfarbror AB

App Store Ratings: 4.2/5

Download Hole Down Game

9. Cut the Rope:

Do you love solving? Then this is it. In this iOS game, you will face various levels of entanglement and problems. There will be a candy on your rope you will have to cut it every time and then manage your time.

Each time you have to snap right at it with perfect timing, if you lose the candy then you don’t get points.

Publisher: ZeptoLab

App Store Rating: 4.8/5

Download Cut the Rope Game

10. Doodle Jump:

It is a fun game that will keep your attention stuck to it. A doodle the doodler will keep bouncing and you have to ensure he reaches on a surface you can tilt your phone and land him on to the surface.

Publisher: Lima Sky LLC

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

Download Doodle Jump Game

11. Old Man’s Journey:

It is an adventurous game, involving you into the game and gives you experience visually like you are really into the screen.

The graphics, pictorial representation of every living being or object that is shown looks very real.

Publisher: Broken Rules

App Store Ratings: 4.4/5

Download Old Man’s Journey Game

12. Desert Golfing:

It is a game of endless brown dessert, there is a ball and a hole and you have to control the ball, it is physics-based on how and what you do with the ball to put it into the hole.

Publisher: Captain Games Inc.

App Store Ratings: 4.6/5

Download Desert Golfing Game

13. Card of Darkness:

You get a series of face-up cards containing various symbols like the enemy, gold, weapons, etc.

Clicking on each card will turn the other card. You are work is to find a path through those cards inside from a scary dungeon.

Publisher: Zach Gage

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

Download Card of Darkness Game

14. Grindstone:

Your role in this game is to make your way out of the scary place by aligning the same colors of monsters together. That will be your only way out.

And while smashing monsters you will keep gaining points to increase your strength against upcoming monsters further.

Publisher: Capybara Games Inc.

App Store Ratings: 4.3/5

Download Grindstone Game

So, this was a 14 best and popular iPhone & iPad iOS games that are liked by the users, so what are you waiting for download and start playing your favorite games now! 

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