9 Best Mobile Web Browsers for Android & iOS (Secure & Fastest)

A browser is a software that grants you access and displays several files or pages from the web directly. You can search anything on the browser and then get access to related pages that are filled with relevant information.

Some of the popular browsers are Google, Firefox, Safari, Samsung, and Opera on various devices. Many browsers are in-built into devices but you can choose alternate browsers as per your choice.

The option of choosing alternate browsers has always been there for Android users whereas iOS devices have just received this option on their newest update.

It is definitely exciting to try different browsers, and have access to other pages from all over the internet. iOS users can now set any other browser as their default browser instead of Safari.

There is no denying that Google chrome is one of the common and popular browsers for Android users but you might want to try a few others that are available on the app store. Here are the 9 best browsers apps for Android and iOS devices.

List of 9 Best Browsers Apps for Android & iOS:

Chrome App

1) Google Chrome:

How hard we might try but there is no browser that can be compared to Google Chrome. It is considered to be the best as well as a top-rated browser for both, Android as well as iOS users.

You cannot simply avoid Chrome when mobile browsing or even using the desktop for the same reason. You can sync between mobile and desktop editions of chrome which has proved to be helpful in several ways.

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You can also store and have access to passwords you have stored in it. It is a reliable browser option to go for and everyone considers Chrome as a primary browser while building a website.

Some of the other features Chrome offers are is secure storage for payments, automatic translation, and an ad-blocker feature that blocks annoying ads instantly.

App Details:


Opera Browser for Mobile

2) Opera:

You might be living in a different world if you haven’t heard about Opera. It comes with diverse features that make it an amazing browser to go for without any second thoughts.

It has a data saver mode that compresses videos and even web pages. The pages load faster and you can do so even on slow internet. Moreover, Opera also offers a free VPN feature by giving you a virtual IP.

Opera has stood out in the crowd and has become the fastest browser available on both, android and iOS devices after Google Chrome. If you are looking for a Chrome alternative then Opera is the perfect choice to go for.

App Details:


Firefox Focus App

3) Firefox Focus:

Another amazing and top-rated browser app for smartphones is Firefox Focus. It allows you to surf the web in an advanced way that protects your data and guards your privacy.

You don’t need to go for an incognito mode or similar to browse. The in-built advanced features that protect your privacy block web trackers without any further complications.

This is the browser you must try if you are looking for a secure or trustworthy browser. Firefox Focus comes in a new minimal design, auto block ads, and trackers, and is faster than traditional browsers.

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Aloha Browser for Smartphone

4) Aloha Browser:

Aloha browser is an incredible browsing application that comes with an in-built VPN. Isn’t that amazing? You can browse the web safely without facing any threats of data breaches or lack of privacy.

The VPN feature allows you to browse anonymously with ease. It has a simple yet user-friendly interface. Play videos in the background and browse the internet ad-free.

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Aloha also offers AdBlock, pop-ups, and tracking protection. You can add a fingerprint or password lock for the private file vault. You can even save videos, files, and more.

App Details:


Duck Duck Go Safe Browser

5) DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser:

The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has been one of the most trusted and appreciated browsers for Android users. It is a safe browser that will allow you to browse the internet whilst protecting your privacy.

Duckduckgo mainly focuses on your privacy, you can search, browse, shop, and email more privately and anonymously using this app. It even prevents emails you receive from tracking you.

You can wipe your activity at any time with a single click and has a minimal interface. It eliminates ad trackers and gives the highest encryption possible on the site you will visit. Download the app that respects your privacy.

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Edge for Mobile

6) Microsoft Edge:

The Microsoft edge Microsoft is another decent browser you mustn’t miss out on. The browser syncs up with your Microsoft account and offers features like an ad-blocker, translation tools, and password manager as well.

Get the Edge browser for a fast, safe, and secure shopping experience every time you shop. You will also earn some rewards while you browse online using Bing. It comes with speed, performance, and compatibility.

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It will give you a personalized browsing experience by finding deals near you, collections, favorites, and more privacy. It also has an awesome reading list tool and views texts on the page for better reading. Download the Edge app and stay safer online.

App Details:


Adblock Browser App

7) AdBlock Browser:

The AdBlocker browser is considered to be the best Android browser application that allows ad-free browsing. If you are looking for an app that saves you from annoying ads, then go for AdBlocker Browser without any doubt.

With Adblock Plus, you can enjoy superior ad blocking, faster browsing, stream videos without any restrictions, and maximize your data & battery. Protect yourself from nasty viruses that hide in malicious code.

It automatically blocks ads and also allows you to browse in a discreet manner. Download the browser that offers ad-free browsing and set it as your default browser to surf the web more securely.

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Puffin App for Android

8) Puffin Web Browser:

Considered to be the fastest browser for iPhone, the puffin browser is an efficient and fastest browsing app in the market. It supports flash pages, loads websites faster, and the chrome bookmarks are synchronized in Puffin automatically.

The app had an amazing image and video quality as well. It offers an overall incredible experience with browsing. Fast, safe, and responsive browsing experience, data savings beyond your imagination, play games with a visual gamepad, and mainly protect your device from Malware.

App Details:


Samsung Internet Browser App

9) Samsung Internet Browser:

Samsung Internet Browser has gained popularity in recent times for being one of the fastest yet best privacy browsers for Android phone users. It has a tracker blocking feature that blocks any tracking ads, and others keeping your data safe.

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You can personalize your menu, view your tracking dashboard, keep your browsing private, organize your tabs, and more ads. Experience mobile browsing more safely with a Secret Mode. If you are a Samsung user you don’t have to download it will come by default on your device.

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