8 Best Parental Control Apps for Parents and Kids

Long gone are the days when children preferred playing outside than using gadgets. The modern era has normalized digital use, and the internet is all over the world. There is easy access to all types of content with no filter or guidance. It is not safe to say that the internet is a secure place for children. They can get easy access to dangerous or explicit stuff ease even if they don’t want to.

As a parent, it is valid to be worried about your kids and the type of content they have access to on a daily basis. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore! There are amazing parental control apps that will help you track the kind of content your children chooses to watch and even control the same without any inconvenience.

You cannot control the internet or the content present on it but with parental control apps, you can control the kind of content your kids can have access to! Parental control apps come with unique features that vary from one app to another.

Parental control apps offer common features such as time restrictions, cell phone tracking, web filtering, and app blocking. There are numerous apps present in the market, but then there are a few that stand out in the crowd. We have handpicked a few commendable parental control apps, you can choose from as per your requirements.

Best Parental Control Apps

Here are 8 Parental control apps to install on your phone:

1) Qustodio:

Qustodio is one of the best parental control apps present in the market. It comes with a wide range of features that allows you to control individual apps as well as individual devices. By using Qustodio you can block different apps on diverse devices with ease. It also has a panic button and a location tracking feature that allows you to track your children using GPS. Moreover, you can keep an eye on who calls your children and even set a time limit for specific apps and their use.


2) Net Nanny Parental Control:

The Net Nanny Parental Control is one of the best parental control apps that are available on both, Android as well as iOS devices. This app has an amazing web filtering technology and app blocking feature that allows you to block any number of apps on your kid’s device. You can track the location of the device, keep an eye on the location history, set a time limit, and then you can keep a track of the content your kid is watching by the new content screening feature.


3) Norton Family:

A top-rated parental control app, Norton Family is another amazing app you should not miss out on. It is available on both, android and iOS devices. It offers an advanced web filtering technology, location tracking, time restriction feature along with app supervision and app blocking feature. You can lock or block apps, and then set a time limit for every app and its use. If you are looking for an app that comes with the best parental control feature then this is the perfect choice to go for.


4) Kaspersky Safe Kids:

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parental control app that allows you to monitor your kid’s PCs and Macs along with smartphones. It also comes with unique web filtering technology, time restriction feature, and app supervision feature. This app will allow easy location tracking and then help in monitoring the web with ease. You can also block a certain kind of YouTube searches, and then review general watch as well as search history on YouTube on Android devices. There are different sets of features available on iOS and Android devices.


5) OurPact:

OurPact is considered to be one of the most powerful parental control apps in the market. You can block any kind of messages, apps and allow certain internet access. You can set a time limit for different apps, and then you will also receive notifications when new apps are installed. You can set schedules for days and weeks altogether.


6) Kidslox:

With this Kidslox you can block certain websites, and allow access to particular content. It is available on both, Android and iOS devices. Some of the features on this parental control app are blocking websites as well as pages, web filtering, and also prevent in-app purchases. You can also set a time limit on different apps with ease.


7) ESET Parental Control:

ESET Parental Control is available on Android devices and allows you to monitor apps and manage the same easily. You can set time restrictions, and manage time with a single click. You can filter web searching and using the safe-search feature you can allow users to watch only a certain type of content. Other features include location tracking and activity report or analysis.


8) Google Family Link:

Google Family Link allows your children to have a fixed schedule and follow a time limit religiously on using the screen. Moreover, this app also lets you keep track of the type of content your children will have access to. This app allows you to block and manage apps that the kids can use. You will also receive activity reports, and set a screen limit with ease.


You cannot control the content available on the internet but you can control the type of content your children can have access to. Choose any app that suits your requirements, and don’t worry about your kids using smartphones anymore.

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