11 Best (FREE) Photo Editing Software for Windows PC

Have you discovered that some of your photos need retouching? Don’t go hunting for expensive photo editing software just yet!

Since the era of digital art started over a decade ago, the need for a program that allows us to edit and enhance photos has become an endless search, due to the high number of alternatives on the market.

That is why we decided to make a list of the top 11 best & free photo editing software that you must have on your Windows PC.

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List of 11 Best Photo Editing Software for Windows PC:

best free photo editing software for windows 10

1. Paint 3D:

Paint 3D is the latest editing app by Microsoft that helps you edit all of the photos on your computer, and it’s totally free. This version is only compatible with Windows 10 operating systems which you can download from the Microsoft app store.

If you have not yet downloaded and installed the new Paint 3D on your Windows 10 PC, download now and try this amazing software for free and start using the program to edit your photos, add 3D doodles, 3d object creation, and advanced art tool.

Paint 3D has a range of useful and customizable 2D Shapes that make it easy to be productive. They work in the same way as our stickers and so can be applied both on the canvas and on 3D objects.

Paint 3D was used to replace Microsoft Paint. The program was created with a focus on the latest 3D formats for Windows 10 users. Enjoy 3D editing features that let you import a range of shapes and designs from the PC.

Download Paint 3D Software

photo editor download for pc

2. Photoscape:

Photoscape is a wonderful super simple photo editor (100% free) which is very easy to use, allowing you to create photomontages and apply effects to your images in a few clicks.

The results with Photoscape software are impressive and you don’t need any graphic design skills to use it. Mount combinations with your best photos, make corrections and make ready-to-print frames.

  • By: MOOII Tech
  • Official Website: http://www.photoscape.org
  • License: Free

Download Photoscape Photo Editor

best photo editing app for pc

3. The Gimp:

This photo editor is arguably the best free alternative to Photoshop. In fact, all Linux users use The Gimp as a design tool without the least bit surprising to the editor of Adobe.

Download the Gimp photo editor for free it is one of the best and the easy way to edit and enhance your photos.

Gimp Photo Editor

best photo editing software for windows 10

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Image Editor:

For over 30 years, Adobe brings ordinary people the ability to manipulate images and photographs like professionals. The main reason many people don’t agree with the “popular” line is the price.

However, you can try Photoshop Express image editor for free and be amazed by its features. This free version is only available for Windows 10 PC and you can easily download and install it from the Microsoft app store.

Those of you wanting a quick and easy solution for editing your photos try Adobe Photoshop Express. In Photoshop Express you will find various tools including filters, and cropping options for your social media accounts.

Several lighting effects along with red-eye border effects and a spot heal tool. Photoshop Express is completely free in addition to Windows they also have an app for Android and iOS coming.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express App

photo editor for pc windows 7

5. Magic Morph:

Free, easy to use, and extremely fun. This is a powerful program, capable of transforming an image into another one, through a technique known as “morphing”.

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As a result, you will obtain a high-quality animation, in GIF format. If you prefer, you can also export the result to a small-sized AVI file that maintains all the characteristics of the original images.

Download Magic Morph Software

windows 7 photo editing software

6. IrfanView:

IrfanView comes with simple image editing features, a graphics converter, and a scanner interface for all important tasks of an image viewer and editor perfectly. The program lets you open and edits photos, as well as multiple media formats.

You can cut/crop photos, apply batch conversions, sharpen, give blur effects, and create and edit a panorama easily. IrfanView is one of the best programs to view and edit your pictures on any Windows PC (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista).

Download IrfanView Photo Editor

photo editor app for pc

7. Picsart Photo Studio:

The Picsart Photo Studio application is quite intuitive so new users will have few problems when using it for the first time. Download the best free Picsart photo editing app on Windows 10 PC and enjoy editing your favorite photos and more.

We believe that we should not give you any other recommendation apart from simply taking the time to experiment. Anyway, you can visit the Microsoft app store to download and install this app that has very amazing functions that can be used to edit your photos professionally.

Download PicsArt Photo Editor

iconcool fantaphoto photo editor

8. IconCool FantaPhoto:

IconCool Fantaphoto editor is a simple and best photo processor you can have it on your PC. You can easily crop, blur, shade, decorate, color change, resize, watermark, and batch picture process.

Useful features are auto much whiter, picture move, picture effect, Mosiac, illusion, remove red-eye, picture decoration, frame decoration, partial adjustment, one-key logo, and more.

IconCool FantaPhoto Software

photo editor for pc windows 8

9. Collage Maker:

Collage Maker includes a layout manager for a quick arrangement of collage. It can also convert a collage into your desktop wallpaper which includes many border and edge effects. Collage Maker runs on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and older Windows operating systems.

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If you are not been able to make college makers recognize the images of your hard disk, then simply upload the photos to Facebook and then enter Facebook from collage maker and choose the photos to edit. This app is an easy and user-friendly interface people with zero knowledge can use it.

Download Collage Maker

pic editor for pc

10. PhotoFiltre:

This one is a very complete photo editing software since it offers the possibility to make simple and complex “repairs” to an image. Besides, it allows you to apply a wide variety of filters in order to get amazing results.

Download PhotoFiltre Software

best photo editing software for Windows

11. Google Photos:

Like any other Google app, Photos is a great tool that has improved a lot in every new version. In Photos, you can not only manage your images’ library and share it on the web, but you can also apply filters and effects to enhance your photo appearance in a very simple way.

Photos app by Google is an easy way to share and edit your photos. It brings you the power of editor right to the tip of your fingers. It helps you organize and edit all of the photos on your computer, and it’s totally free.

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If you decide to use it, you’ll be accessing its online platform, which is filled with amazing tools to correct and enhance your photos. Once you’re done editing, all of the changes will be saved directly to your Photos albums.

Try Google Photos

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