10 Best Registry Cleaners To Repair & Speed Up Your PC

If you are looking out for a reason why your PC is slowing down as each day passes by, then you are at the right place. One of the common reasons your PC can slow down is because of unwanted storage of registry entries or files.

Every time you install a program or software, the information of the same gets stored in the registry of your device. Each new software or program has all of the required information stored in the registry. The storage of information increases over time and can slow down your PC.

Yes, you do clean your PC but then no amount of deleting or cleaning will get rid of the unwanted entries and files in the registry of your device. Therefore, to efficiently clean your PC, you can use these apps that come with diverse tools and useful features.

These registry cleaner apps will get rid of unwanted files and entries in your registry without any inconvenience. There are several programs, software, and applications available in the market.

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Here are the 10 best registry cleaners you must try:

iObit Advanced SystemCare

1) IObit Advanced SystemCare:

IObit is a one-stop solution for all your PC repair problems. It is popular software that comes in both, free and premium versions. It also comes in a portable version. Clean up junk files from Steam, Photoshop, Spotify, & Microsoft OneDrive.

This vendor software comes with a wide range of tools that are helpful for PC repair, and other similar tasks that include the protection of your sensitive data, and supervising the usage of background apps.

The software comes with a backup feature to restore different files in case you deleted them with ease. The duplicate scan feature will scan through all kinds of files, and identify unwanted files.

The registry defrags feature will solve structural errors and the broken shortcuts will identify unwanted files in seconds. If you are looking for a registry cleaner that is fast and has a portable version then IObit is the one you must go for.

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare for Free

Restoro System Repair Tool

2) Restoro:

Restoro is a well-known software that is also considered to be the best registry cleaner of all time. Restoro is a one-stop solution to all your PC problems. It will scan and identify unwanted files and entries in the registry quickly.

It will also remove these unwanted entries; detect malware threats and other unsafe websites. This software will help you rebuild and repair your PC in an effective way. With Restoro you can tremendously improve the performance of your PC and save a lot of time.

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Restoro can replace missing and damaged files to resolve computer issues such as the blue screen of death, crashes and hanging DLL errors, and more. The software is specialized to fix issues for all Microsoft Windows OS including Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8, XP, and Vista.

Download Restoro Free Trial Version

System Mechanic

3) System Mechanic:

System Mechanic is another amazing registry cleaner you must try at least once. System mechanics will identify unwanted and unnecessary files and entries along with outdated ones.

If you need a faster processor try System Mechanic for free and unparks 100% of processor cores and revs them to maximum clock speed when you begin gaming, programming, designing, or doing any multimedia task.

You will also receive a copy of detailed reports of unwanted files in two versions that is brief and detailed reports. However, it will seek out invalid DLL keys, file associations, and references.

After the identification, it will fix the problem within minutes. A detailed report will give you all the required information along with errors, explanations, and tips to resolve the problem.

The full scan feature will scan through the junk files or temporary files to free storage space. It also has tools that will improve the performance of your PC and improve your internet connection.

The full scan feature will also clean out your unwanted entries. Moreover, you schedule regular cleaning with a single click.

  • By: iolo
  • Official Website: https://www.iolo.com
  • License: Free Trial Version
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10
Download System Mechanic Free Trial

Wise Care 365 PC Tool

4) Wise Care 365:

Wise Care 365 comes with a lot of diverse features and tools that will rebuild your PC in an effective way. It offers features like a cleaning scheduler, automatic changes backup, password manager, and different types of scans that will boost the performance of your PC with ease.

It will scan all the unwanted files from the registry and identify other errors within a few seconds. The free version of this software itself has different tools that are enough to clean and boost the overall performance of your PC. It will also protect your PC privacy from snoopy people.

After the software analyzes and scans your system, you can look into the errors as well as resolve them. It also allows you to schedule regular scanning and cleaning.

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With cutting-edge technologies, it improves PC efficiency by defragging discs and the registry, as well as managing startup applications and services.

Wise Care 365 is unquestionably the best solution for the millions of Microsoft Windows users who wish to keep their computers running smoothly. In seconds, you can speed up your slow PC and free up important hard drive space.

Download Wise Care 365 Free Trial

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner

5) Ashampoo Registry Cleaner:

Ashampoo is free software that will remove all unwanted files from the registry and boost the performance of your computer.  It only takes a couple of clicks to complete the task, making it excellent for newbies.

The software allows you to scan unnecessary entries, backup deleted files, registry editing mode, exceptions, and search for unwanted entries as well. Download the full version of Ashampoo for free and clean your registry quickly and thoroughly.

The software will remove incorrect and outdated registries without any inconvenience for free. Moreover, it also has a backup feature that will allow you to restore any deleted files at any time.

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner will execute faster after you clean and condense your Registry, your overall system speed will improve.

The default cleaner only finds entries that are safe to delete and repair. This gives you excellent cleaning results while keeping your operating system as safe as possible.

Download Ashampoo Registry Cleaner for Free

Jetclean System Reg Tool

6) JetClean:

JetClean is considered to be one of the best registry cleaners that will scan unwanted files and unnecessary entries quickly. You can clean, update and optimize your PC with JetClean for free. JetClean is also one of the top-rated software to clean up the registry and improve system performance.

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It detects Windows registry fragments and reduces fragments, repairs structural errors, and speeds up your PC’s access to the registry. It also compacts the Windows registry by removing gaps and slack space to recover unused memory space.

It will identify a wide range of errors, and come with incredible features such as one-click repair, automatic shutdown after the repair, scanning for various issues, Windows startup optimizer, performance booster, defragger, shortcut cleaner, RAM optimization, and also has a portable version.

Download JetClean Full Version Software for Free

Advanced PC Reg Cleanup

7) Advanced PC Cleanup:

The Advanced PC Cleanup will enhance the overall performance of your PC, get rid of unwanted registry entries, and protects your PC from malware. Some of its commendable features include updating drivers, cleaning junk files, and managing all start-up programs.

The software will protect your PC from possible security threats, and protect your personal data. Advanced PC cleanup will also help you disable start-up items, and uninstall unnecessary apps. It speedup up your PC by disabling unnecessary applications and by uninstalling unessential programs you might not use.

The Advanced PC Cleanup fixes invalid errors and entries in the registry editor and it also helps remove browsing history and data, malicious programs, and adware to protect your personal information from hackers. Download the latest version of Advanced PC Cleanup for ultimate protection.

Download Advanced PC Cleanup Free Version

Auslogics Registry Cleaners

8) Auslogics Registry Cleaner:

The Auslogics Registry Cleaner is considered to be the best free registry cleaner available for Windows in 2021. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. The software will do a quick scan and remove unwanted registry entries with a single click.

Auslogics has more than 20 million users across the world. Moreover, you can choose the files you want to remove. If you are looking for an effective and simple registry cleaner then Auslogics is the perfect choice to go for.

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Auslogics Registry Cleaner is all-in-one optimization software for your system: more customizable, powerful, and secure than ever. It cleans the browser, and program, removes logs, computer activity, and system cache files, and deletes unnecessary application localization files.

Download Auslogics Registry Cleaner Free Version

Clean My PC Software

9) CleanMyPC:

CleanMyPC is an amazing registry cleaner for your PC that will get rid of all kinds of unwanted registry files and entries with ease. This software will boost the performance of your PC and will clean up the junk files to free up space with a single click.

You can get rid of multiple unwanted apps at a time, remove uninstalled program leftovers, and clean your PC in an effective way. CleanMyPC can easily remove excess files and fix many issues with the registry.

Over time, your system becomes sluggish and slow. Clean My PC software will remove the clutter and improve the performance of your computer. It’s a simple tool that gets the job done.

CleanMyPC is a system optimization tool that can help you get your computer running like new again if a fragmented hard disc, garbage files, or registry issues slowed it down. It analyses your system for things you don’t need and keep your PC working smoothly.

Download Clean My PC Free Software

AVG PC Tune Up

10) AVG TuneUp:

AVG TuneUp is a decent registry cleaner software for your PC that will speed up the overall performance of your PC. It also has a performance optimization option that will provide automatic maintenance of your PC and allow you to uninstall multiple programs or applications at once.

It will update the programs automatically and regularly clean the registry within a few scans. If you are looking for an easy-to-use registry cleaner software then go for AVG TuneUp without any doubt.

AVG TuneUp detects and removes bloatware, as well as software you no longer use. Because you don’t need any of it, AVG TuneUp deletes it to make room on your hard disc for the things you do. The definitive solution to your device’s performance concerns is AVG TuneUp.

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  • Official Website: https://www.avg.com
  • License: 7-day free trial
  • OS: Windows & Mac
Download AVG TuneUp Free Version
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