9 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android Mobile & Tab

You might have heard the term ‘Screen Mirroring’ often in recent months. Haven’t you? At least I have heard the term more than a hundred times.

Initially, I had zero ideas what the term might be and why my friends had a screen mirroring app.

After a lot of google searches and asking, (okay, not a lot of searches) I realized that screen mirroring is nothing but a technique that allows the content displayed on the screen of your smartphone to be mirrored on the screen of another device.

Although the technology has been around for quite a decent amount of time, it is now gained immense popularity. And why not must it be popular?

People have been isolating themselves for a year, working from home, studying, and have moved almost every daily task online.

The screen mirroring technique makes your daily life tasks that are done via smartphones or similar devices easier by giving you options to view content in a better way.

Screen mirroring helps in giving you a broader view of the content without providing access to the device. Modern smartphones come with an in-built screen mirroring feature.

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With the screen mirroring technique, you can stream movies, play games, and even have video calls on a bigger screen as per your comfort.

However, there might be some complications or if you are unable to use the screen mirroring feature; there are several screen mirroring apps to your rescue.

The best screen mirroring apps for android are listed below:

Apower Screen Mirror App

1) ApowerMirror:

ApowerMirror is one of the top-rated and highly versatile screen mirroring apps that is not to be missed out on. This app is available on all kinds of android devices.

ApowerMirror will take your gaming experience to another level. Moreover, streaming movies or videos using this app will be more fun than usual.

This app also allows you to screen record the videos, or take screenshots, along with annotating any part of the screen you wish to.

  • By: Apowersoft Limited
  • Play Store Rating: 4.0
  • License: Free
Download ApowerMirror App

Mirroring App

2) Mirroring 360:

Mirroring 360 is considered to be the best screen mirroring app for Android and it is available for both iOS as well as Android devices.

The app has several unique features that allow you to screencast content on other devices and allows you to have an unforgettable experience.

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However, you need to install the Mirroring 360 software on your PC or Mac to function with the application. You might have to purchase the app to avail all the benefits of using this screen mirroring app.

  • By: Splashtop Inc.
  • Play Store Rating: 3.4
  • License: 7-Days Free Trial
Download Mirroring 360 App

Lets View Mirroring App

3) LetsView:

LetsView is a highly rated and popular android screen mirroring tool that is available, particularly on Android devices.

LetsView is a new tool, yet has some of the best features such as screen recording a high-quality video, taking screenshots, and other tools that will give you a memorable experience.

Moreover, the video quality is one of its kind and has a feature like auto-detection that makes this easier to use.

  • By: Wangxu Technology Co., Ltd
  • Play Store Rating: 3.9
  • License: Free
Download LetsView App

VNC Mirror Mobile App

4) VNC Viewer:

The VNC viewer is indeed one of the best screen mirroring apps that is available on both, android and IOS devices.

It is one of the most highly rated apps available on the Google Play Store that can be connected with numerous operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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It uses cloud services to connect to other devices. It also keeps all the backup connections in-store making it easier to use at any time.

Moreover, it supports Bluetooth and a keyboard as well making it one of the perfect screen mirroring apps to use.

  • By: RealVNC Limited
  • Play Store Rating: 4.5
  • License: Free
Download VNC Viewer App

Mirror Go Application

5) MirrorGo:

Considered to be one of the most downloaded and used screen mirroring apps that are available on every android device, MirrorGo is one app you must try at least once.

MirrorGo is developed by WonderShare that is said to develop other similar apps that have received positive feedback constantly. You can connect it via USB and Wi-Fi too.

  • By: Wondershare Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Play Store Rating: 3.0
  • License: Free
Download MirrorGo App

Vysor Screen Mirroring App

6) Vysor:

Vysor is another screen mirroring tool that can be downloaded on your PC and get a browser extension version of this screen mirroring tool.

The tool is available in a premium version, and if you are unable to or cannot afford the premium version then you can use the browser extension. This tool is available on android devices only.

  • By: ClockworkMod
  • Play Store Rating: 3.2
  • License: Free
Download Vysor App

Any Desk App

7) AnyDesk:

If you work then you must be familiar with AnyDesk remote desktop application as it is 2nd most used popular software after TeamViewer.

AnyDesk is also used as a screen mirroring tool that is widely used and is comparatively more accessible than the other screen mirroring apps or tools.

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This tool is the best one to go for if you are not very tech-savvy and are easy to use. It also has an auto-detection feature that makes this AnyDesk a user-friendly screen mirroring tool.

Moreover, you can download the tool and directly begin it using right away after installation. Fast, secure, lightweight, and easy to use. The best app to remote access your PC or phone.

  • By: AnyDesk Software GmbH
  • Play Store Rating: 4.1
  • License: Free
Download AnyDesk App

Chrome Remote Desktop

8) Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome Remote Desktop is from Google, this screen mirroring app has a lot of beneficial features that will give you a decent streaming or gaming experience.

It has features that are diverse and comparatively better than the other screen mirroring apps. All you need to do is enter your PIN for the remote computer.

You don’t need extra software to use this app as your desktop can access your smartphone easily. The app is available on both, android and IOS devices with a secure connection.

  • By: Google LLC
  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • License: 7-Days Free Trial
Download Chrome Remote Desktop App

Live Screen Mirroring App

9) LiveScreen:

LiveScreen is a web-based screen mirroring app that is similar to other screen mirroring apps and even better than a few. Easy wireless screen share app to view mobile on your pc.

It has a simple design and works effectively with a good internet connection. Just copy the URL from your smartphone into your computer web browser and your Android phone screen shows up.

It does not have an auto-detection feature but there are other features that helped this app to pave its way up on the list of best screen mirroring apps.

  • By: Hannes Mitterer & Kevin Wellenzohn
  • Play Store Rating: 3.7
  • License: Free
Download LiveScreen App
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