Free & Paid: 10 Best Website Speed Testing Tools (2024 List)

I’m sure none of us want to wait for longer periods of time or are even slightly patient enough to wait more than 5 seconds to let a web page load. That is exactly what website speed testing tools are for. They help in improving the speed of your website and allow the relevant results to load faster. The speed of your website is something that must not be underestimated; it can affect overall SEO and have a major impact on your website. So if you experience the fewer amount of visitors or have a comparatively low SEO then you must check out for the speed of your website.

These website testing tools help in constantly monitoring the speed of your page, and provide you an accurate analysis of the same. These speed testing tools mark the weak points of your website and improve website traffic. Moreover, if your page doesn’t load faster and fails to provide relevant results then it is more likely to make it last on the engine results list. In order to run a successful page or a website, it is important to provide the best customer experience as well as support. To do so, you must keep the speed of your page in-check.

Here are the top 20 free online tools for website speed testing you should not miss out on:

Best Website Speed Testing Tools

1) GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is considered to be the best free online website speed testing tool that offers a wide range of features to improve the overall performance of your website. This speed testing tool provides a summary of all the important indicators of your website’s performance. It also allows you to test your website from different parts of the world, allowing you to reach out to a larger as well as the global audience. You can also check at which speed your website offers the best performance and choose wisely.


2) Google PageSpeed Insights:

Owned by our very own Google, this speed testing tool comes with a simple yet wide range of features. It gives you a summary of your website’s performances based on the chrome UX report and offers solutions to the same. It gives you both, the lab and field data. It gives you a real-time experience of the visitors to your page. Apart from that, it is the best option to go for if you are looking for simple and easy speed testing tools that are free.


3) WebPagetest:

WebPagetest is a commendable website speed testing tool that allows you to analyze the speed of your page from various locations. It also runs a speed test on your website, analyzing every small detail and key indicators that show your website’s performance. It also helps in providing you with flowcharts, graphs, and other analytics that will not only provide you a brief analysis of your website but also suggests solutions to the same.


4) Pingdom Tools:

Pingdom Tools is another free website speed testing tool developed by Pingdom. It provides you a lot of features and gives a brief summary of your website’s performances along with details on how long it takes for the images or style sheets to download on your page. All these features come for free.

Pingdom Tools is known to offer a wide range of page monitoring services to improve the performance of your website. Moreover, this testing tool gives you a wide range of information, along with a brief summary of the loading time of your website. You can test the speed of your website from different locations, and monitor your page respectively.


5) Which Loads Faster?

This free online website speed testing tool is a little different than all those ordinary speed testing tools. This tool allows you to compare your website with the competitive website and then compare speeds along with other features to know which page is performing better.This tool can prove out to be very useful in helping your website’s performance and even SEO. Therefore, if you want to check out your competitor’s website performance and compare it to yours, do it pretty easily with the help of ‘Which loads faster?’


6) Site24/7:

Most of us search or use different websites on our mobile phones rather than desktop or other devices. It is important that your website has similar or increased loading speed time to help your visitors stay. It also improves overall SEO and makes using or browsing websites on your mobile phones an easier task.

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This is one of the simplest and free website speed testing tools you can opt for. It is also one of the oldest testing tools and is quite popular in the field. It gives you proper data on your website’s performance and makes it easier for you to improve its speed by giving regular tips. This tool measures the website’s mobile speed and provides a detailed report on your page’s performance.


7) KeyCDN:

KeyCDN is another free speed testing tool that comes with a variety of features to make your website stand out in the crowd. You can test the speed of your website from different locations and improve it respectively after detailed analysis or comparison.Just like other speed testing tools, KeyCDN analyzes your website’s performance based on three things- loading time, duration of the parse, and the execution speed. Moreover, this testing tool allows you to improve the performance of your page by giving you a report of an individual pages, and also provides you some optimization tips.


8) Yslow:

It is an open-source, free speed testing tool that analyzed the website’s performance quickly. It does so by using Yahoo!s 23 of 34 rules for high-performance websites. It is the best option to go for if you are looking for a real, and straightforward website speed testing tool to which the web browser, firefox was implemented.


9) Dotcom-Monitor:

Considered to be a pretty useful website speed testing tool with cool features and tools that allow you to conduct browser-based load time tests, DotCom Monitor is one tool you must not miss out on. It performs load time testing on both desktop and mobile web browsers from various locations across the world. You can do load time testing from different locations at the same time with this tool and get an individual summary of your page’s performance.


10) UpTrends:

If you want to go for a simple, basic, and free online website speed testing tool then Uptrends is just the right option for you. It is similar to the other speed testing tools, provides basic data, and helps in improving the performance of your page. You can also set bandwidth throttling and conduct load tests from different locations across the world. This tool offers you a wide range of features free of cost.

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