Download Bounce Nokia Game for Java Mobile Phone

Bounce is a game where you control a small ball in a dangerous world. You bounce and roll the ball around each level, avoiding hazards and collecting the hoops you need to unlock the exit to the next level. Use rubber blocks to bounce higher or even reverse gravity. Instructions are available within the game.

Download and play the classic bounce game on any Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola java mobile phone. The game is well designed and game play is simple yet hard to master. It is really fun to play when you are bored. Guide the ball past many obstacles to pass through all hoops and open the door to the next level.

The game is over when you either complete all levels or lose all your lives. Your ball can change size if it touches the right objects. A large ball jumps higher and moves faster than a small ball and can also float in water. The small ball can squeeze through small gaps.

Collect crystals for extra points and to store your game position. Collect crystal balls to give your ball an extra life. Jump and speed boosts temporarily boost your powers while rubber floors give you extra bounce. Use deflators to shrink the ball and inflators to return to normal size.

Large balls float in water, small balls don’t. Download and experience the classic bounce game on any java mobile phone including Samsung, LG, Nokia, HTC, Sony, BlackBerry, Motorola and many more.

To change controls and sound, select Options and Change Keys or Change Sound in the main menu. By default, press arrow keys to move the ball left and right, and space bar to make the ball jump.

You can restart the game at level 1 or at the beginning of the level you reached and with the number of lives you had left when you last exited the game. When you load an automatically saved game, your score will be zero, so the only way to get a maximum score is to play every level of the game in one go

At the end of a level, you can change the game options, exit the game, or continue. If you exit the game, the highest level you reached will be automatically saved. To view high scores, select High Scores in the main menu.

Nokia classic bounce is a super-fun game that quickly challenges your brain and reflexes. It’s so much fun to play and absolutely addicting on Nokia Symbian, Samsung keypad or touch screen java mobile phone.

Download Bounce Nokia Game for Java Mobile

How to Play Bounce Nokia Game on Java Mobile Phone:

• Select start new game.
• This starts a new game at level 1
• To pause the game, press Esc or any command button.
• To continue, select Resume.
• Use Key 4 to Move the ball left.
• Key 6 to Move the ball right.
• And key 2 to bounce the wall.
• Watch out for spikes.

Your phone apps include some games specially designed for Nokia mobile phone. Your mobile phone may support or may not support jar and jad application including games that have been designed especially for java mobile users. You may download the classic bounce Nokia game easily to your device and try installing from a PC or through your mobile.

File Name: Bounce Nokia Game

Download Size: 50 KB

File Type: .Jar and .Jad

OS: Java Based Mobile Phone

Devices: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, BlackBerry (Keypad and Touch Screen 240×320)

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Nokia

Rating: Excellent

Version: 1.9

Category: Classic Puzzle Game

Download Bounce Game for Java Mobile

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