Download Carrom Board Game for Windows PC (Free)

Carrom is a board game played on a square board with plastic or wooden discs. There are 9 white discs, 9 black discs, a red disc known as the queen, and a striker which is larger in size than the other discs. The discs are also known as carrom men or coins.

Two or four people can play carrom. If two, the players sit opposite each other, while with four, the opposite two are partners. As an exception, though, you can play with three players against each other for points.

The Carrom board is the most popular game in the Indian subcontinent. The board is like a small snooker table, square, made of wood, with embrasures at each corner, since it is a fun and addictive game of skill and strategy suitable for all ages.

Download the classic carom board game and play it on any Microsoft Windows PC. The installer will guide you through the steps required to install carrom on any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 PC.

Carrom Game for PC

Types of Carrom Game on Windows PC:


  • Queen: 5 points
  • Discs: One point for each remaining disc of the opponent

The classic game is played among two teams. The goal is to earn 28 points. Whichever team first earns these points is the winner. The game is played in multiple sets. Each team alternately opens the set. The opener has to capture only white discs.

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The other team captures only black discs. Any team can get Queen. The winner of the set is the team who captures all his discs and earns points as follows. The loser team does not get any points even if that team has captured the queen.

Max Points:

  • Black Disc: 5 points
  • White Disc: 10 points
  • Queen: 50 points

Two or more players participate in this type of game. There are no teams, so every player has to score as many as possible points. The game is complete when a player’s score reaches 1000 points.


  • Black Disc: 5 points
  • White Disc: 10 points
  • Queen: 50 points

Two or more players participate in this type of game. There are no teams, so every player has to score individually. The goal of the game is to stay in the game. If a player fails to score any points after the completion of a set, he/she is eliminated from the game. The players keep the coins they have captured during the set.

The next board set is opened by the player with minimum points in the previous set. He puts all his coins on the board and all other players have to put the coins to match the point values of his disc. This way the game continues till only one player remains. He’s the winner.

Quick Match:

  • Black Disc: 5 points
  • White Disc: 10 points
  • Queen: 50 points

This game is played similarly to the classic. The game is over after the completion of one set. The player with the maximum points is the winner.

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Game Set:

A set is one round of carom in which all discs are removed from the board. With an uncertain origin, this game reminds a bit of billiards in terms of structure and its presence has been increasing in other countries.

How to Play Carrom Game on Windows PC?

Carrom Board Game for PC

Carrom Key Features:

  • Maximum Points
  • Championship
  • Classic
  • Practice

Multiplayer Players:

  • One Player
  • One Player Vs. Computer
  • Two Players
  • Three Players
  • Two Players Vs. Computer
  • Four Players
  • Four Players (2-Teams)
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Download Details:

Game Name: Carom Board PC Game

File Type: .Exe

File Size: 1.80 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download

Publisher: Shahid Software

Language: English

Version: 1.5.3

Category: Free Board Games

Download Carom Game for Windows PC

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