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In 15th century, Elizabeth Bartley, a female vamp, has gulped the blood of more than 700 girls, for which she was behead in Transylvania, Romania. But one day she was revived back into this world by a famous witch with help of Evil Ceremony.

Elizabeth Bartley started the war to defeat all the human soul of Europe in an attempt to revive her beloved uncle Dracula. Predestined long ago by the fate of the Belmonds, the battle is about to begin again.

And now, two men draw near to Castle of Dracula. John Morris, child of Kincy Morris who died to vanquish Dracula, has been fighting vampires day and night, as destiny would demand of a descendant of the famous Belmond vampire hunting family.

And then there’s Eric Lecarde, who from the moment he learned of his fate from a mysterious old man, began experiencing the strange and mysterious. He now comes to take revenge on Bartley for having changed his fiance into a vampire.

You can restore life and gain special attack powers by taking certain items during play. When you kill the Boss at the end of each stage, a magic crystal will come falling from the sky. Take the crystal to completely restore your lives.

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Castlevania Game for PC

Playing Castlevania – The New Generation Game for PC:

• Select either John or Eric for your character. Each will have different weapons. Clear stages by killing the enemies and boss in each stage.

• Life decreases each time a player is damaged. When a player’s lives have been used up, that player is out. The game ends when all the players are out.

• You can select Continue to resume a game from the middle of a stage. When you continue a game, the number of jewels, weapons’ upgrades and attack items are reset.

• Only at the Easy level do half of the jewels remain. The number of times you can continue depends on the difficulty level of play.

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Castlevania – The New Generation Game Features:

• Game Start: Select ‘Start’ to display the player selection screen. Use the direction key to select John or Eric and press either the A or Start button to set your character.

• Password: Choose password to go to the password input screen. When you input the password, you’ll be able to start playing from the stage following the stage you last completed.

• Weapons: John and Eric use different weapons. John uses a whip to kill enemies, and Eric uses a spear. If you pick up a coat of arms item, your weapon will go up a power level.

• Items: Items appear when you destroy candles. Simply touch an item to get it. There are 2 types of candles. Thin candle contains surprise and thick candle contains attack item.

• Attack Items: There are 3 different kinds of attack items: Blessed water, Ax and Boomerang. The amount of damage these items inflict on enemies depends on the number of jewels used.

• Ultimate Items: John – water dragon creates a powerful whirlpool on screen and damages enemies. Eric – thunderbolt spear countless lightning bolts fly through the air in all directions.

• Stages: This game has total six stages. Each stage has diverging routes:

  • Stage 1: Dracula’s Castle
  • Stage 2: Shrine of Atlantis
  • Stage 3: Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Stage 4: The Metal Works
  • Stage 5: Palace of Versailles
  • Stage 6: Proselpina Castle

File Name: Castlevania – The New Generation

Download Size: 1.15 MB

File Type: .EXE

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Konami

Rating: Excellent

Category: Windows PC Games

Download Castlevania Game for Windows PC

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