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Clash of Clans (CoC) is a renowned game from a Finland-based video game company Supercell, which has risen to prominence with the release of this game.

Released on the 2nd of August, 2012 on the iOS platform, this game has been on the top download charts ever since. The game is available as a free app on iTunes, but the makers also introduced a feature where players were charged money to advance further in the game.

This feature skyrocketed the company’s profits and made the game one of the most popular apps on the iOS platform. Users of the Apple products are in love with this game.

Clash of clan’s mobile game has become very popular for Android and iOS users worldwide. It’s an online strategy game in which a user creates a village and constructs resource buildings, defenses like walls, archer towers, canons, and so on.

These buildings have to be updated to increase its production and defenses. Players can train troops and after that start an assault to other villages and obtain precious loot of gold and elixir. Similarly, other players too can do the exact same thing so it’s crucial to set up good, effective defenses.

How to Play Clash of Clans on Windows PC:

To understand the clash of clans PC games in its context you have to understand how it really works.

• In principle you start with a very precarious village in a town hall with people together with the house of a builder who is the only one who can make more important constructions and another one to extract natural resources.

• As you have more builders you will reach the highest levels, creating your defense by the doubts if you are invaded and creating attackers to invade the other nearby towns.

• Buildings and troops can be upgraded as the player progresses in the game. The main objective is to spruce up your village and go to war with other players to destroy their village.

• When you manage to do so, you obtain the loot from their village which can be used to upgrade yours. The clash of clans PC games has an interesting edge to it.

• Every village has the ruins of a clan castle, which needs to be rebuilt at some point in the game. This feature is only applicable to multiplayer campaigns.

• When the castle is rebuilt, a player can join a clan with other players and share troops with one another. The clash of clans PC game also has a chat feature which allows players to interact with each other during play.

• Gems perhaps the most precious commodity in the clash of clan’s PC game. From time to time, you will need to use them for different purposes.

• Therefore, it is essential to keep as many gems in your kitty as possible. The easiest way, in terms of effort, is to buy gems from Supercell.

• That’s how they earn their cash. The packages go from 500 gems for $4.99 to unlimited gems for $1.500 which is a relatively new offer.

• However, why spend your cash gems when you can easily earn them. Download and install the android emulator in order to play CoC on any Windows PC including XP, 7, 8, 8.1, Vista or 10 PC.

Download Clash of Clan Game for PC

Clash of Clans Game Key Features:

There are many items that you can buy from the shop using elixirs and gold that you have earned during your quests. They include:

• Elixirs: The elixirs collectors are the places where the elixir is produced. Upgrade the collector to get more elixir. You have to pay 150 gold for this.

• Gold Mine: The gold mine is like the elixir collector, but the difference is that it produces gold. The price for this is 150 elixirs.

• Builder’s Hut: The builder’s hut can be set up for 500 gems. Without the builders on your side, there is little you can do so this is one of the most important resources in the game.

• Elixir Storage/ Gold Storage: All the gold and elixir you produce has to be stored as well for which you need storage. Buy gold storage for 300 elixirs, and elixir storage for 300 gold. The bigger your storage space, the more gold and elixir you can keep.

• Army Camp: The army camp is where the troops reside. You can set one up for 250 Elixir.

• Barracks: Barracks are used for training your troops which is extremely important. These cost 200 elixir.

These are just some of the resources you can purchase using gold, elixir, and gems. Among the other things you can buy are:

  • Walls
  • Cannons
  • Giant-balms
  • Archer towers
  • Laboratory
  • Wizard tower
  • Mortars
  • Air defense
  • Shield

File Name: Clash of Clans PC

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 and Windows 10

Download Size: 100 MB Full Version

License: Free Download

Category: Strategy Video Game

Publisher: Supercell

Rating: Excellent

How to Play Clash of Clans Game on PC using Bluestacks:

• First download Bluestacks player from the link given below.
• Once downloaded install the setup file in your Windows.
• After the installation open Bluestacks and enter your Gmail account details to use Google play store.
• Now search Clash of Clans game under the games category.
• Click on the Install button.
• Open and enjoy the game on your PC.

Click Here to Download Bluestacks

Click Here to Download Clash of Clans Game

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