How to Convert Normal TV into a Smart TV?

This is a technological era; every gadget will be upgraded frequently. If we buy any gadget, within 6 months another version of the same gadget will hit the market.

In television sector, things are upgraded even faster. After we buy a TV, there will be an upgraded version of it within a few months. Many people are still using regular cable connection with a Non-Smart TV.

In today’s Television world almost every new program requires internet to run. Many applications like Amazon prime video, Netflix are becoming necessary for our entertainment.

Since many people don’t have Smart TV, they cannot use these applications in TV. Although Smartphone’s supports all these applications we prefer to watch our favorite movies, TV shows on TV itself rather than a smart phone.

But nothing to worry, even they can enjoy streaming through those applications by converting their regular LCD or LED TV into a Smart TV. How to convert a normal TV into a Smart TV?

Here are few gadgets that are externally connected to a regular TV to convert it into a Smart TV.

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How to Convert Normal TV into Smart TV

How to Convert Normal TV into Smart TV?

1. Amazon Fire Stick:

Amazon Fire Stick allows us to stream videos, install apps, play music, play games and many more on TV.

It’s build on Android platform with which we can install many android applications on TV although it comes with plenty of apps preinstalled.

We need to connect this to HDMI port of the non-smart TV and then we can enjoy all of the above mentioned features.

Its size is comparatively small and it must be connected to power supply in order to work.

This has voice commanding feature. It’s mainly used to watch the contents on the Internet.

If we don’t have a DTH connection, then we can watch TV with this through Jio TV which requires good internet connection. Screen mirroring is very easy with this.

2. Apple TV:

Apple always try stay on top, no matter whichever the field may be. Apple has a very unique smart box which converts a regular TV into a Smart TV.

Our LCD or LED TV should have a HDMI port to connect with Apple TV box using HDMI Cable. This supports 1080p HD video quality and Dolby digital Plus 7.1 surround sound.

We can Screen Mirror the iPhone and iPad using AirPlay. This has Siri Voice control remote. We can download apps and games using tvOS App Store.

We can access music and podcasts libraries that we have purchased in iTunes. This one of the best option to convert normal TV into smart TV?

3. Google Chromecast:

Google Chromecast also converts your normal TV into smart TV. Even this requires HDMI port in TV. This facilitates us to use most of the applications of phones.

Chromecast connects HDMI of your TV or monitor and then connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to stream your content from your mobile phone tablet or laptop to your TV.

Chromecast easily allows you to mirror the screen of your iPhone, android mobile phone or tablet on to the TV allowing you to play games watch movies or browse the web with ease.

Chromecast also allows you to browse the web with your mobile acting as the controller so if you’ve ever wanted to just browse and see the text on a large screen. One of the main highlights of chromecast is its ability to cast YouTube on the large screen.

We can use this to stream videos from almost all leading streaming applications. We can enjoy live TV, movies, TV shows, songs, games etc. And also there is voice command feature.

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4. Amkette Smart Box:

Amkette has a smart box called Amkette Evo TV3 which is a 4K Android TV Box. Basically this converts regular LCD TV with HDMI port into a Smart TV.

This comes with many top demanded and trending apps preinstalled. This has Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 OS, 2GB of RAM, Quadcore 64 bit processor.

We can also play games with its supporting features like Evo Gaming. This has an easy User Interface and EvoTV Store which has access to thousands of applications.

Screen Mirroring for both Android and iPhone is permitted. We can use Gmail, MS office and other apps also.

5. Gaming Console:

A Gaming console is a modern computer device which is used for gaming purpose for one or more players.

In some, we can also use it as stream videos using Netflix and other applications. With so many new consoles available it’s hard to pick which ones are right for you.

TV should have HDMI port and Wi-Fi connectivity for this to work. But still not many Gaming consoles supports streaming.

We recommend you buy the Xbox One X but if you are not interested in buying any gaming device and are looking for ways to get one feel free to check one more option given below.

6. Blu-Ray Player:

Blu-ray is optical disc data storage format used to read high quality video in DVD format and can also be used to stream some of the applications like Netflix, since it can be connected to internet.

These are some of the great ideas to convert our Non-Smart LCD TV into a Smart TV. We also have many other options other than these.

Some Set-top boxes also do this job. Namely, BT YouView, NOW TV, Sky Q, Tata Sky Binge, Roku box or Roku stick.

We can also connect our Laptops, tablets or any other device to TV through HDMI port.

These are some alternative options which can be adopted based on our requirement and other criteria.

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