What is the Ideal CPU Temperature for Windows PC?

If you are a pro gamer or developer who spends most of your time on your PC whether desktop or a laptop then you must and should monitor your CPU temperature frequently.

Most of use a PC, it may be for work-related, for kids or for school projects and seminars, presentations, for watching movies or playing games.

Sometimes overheated CPUs may cause damage to our computer lifespan so you should ideally run your PC below 70°C. Or you can enable the feature that automatically shuts down the computer when overheated.

Usage of any device will cause temperature rise, and we need to take care of it. Sometimes working or playing too much on the PC also increases the temperature of your Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7 PC.

For getting an ideal performance by our PC, maintain a certain amount of temperature on the CPU. To avoid any damages, it is best we ensure the CPU’s temp is here and there accurate to the ideal temperature.

If we fail to take care of our CPU’s temperature, then the hardware will mostly get destroyed, so it is very important for us to keep a check on that.

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CPU Temperature

What is the CPU?

CPU is also known as Central Processing Unit, it is a circuit inside the Windows 10 PC, that executes the instructions and instructs other components with signals to work on.

It is the essential component in a PC, through which the whole management of the computer works. So, any damage to the CPU will be proportional to the damage to the whole PC.

As the CPU is always in the working mode its temperature rises most of the time, it only stops when we switch off the whole PC. With all these restrictions of a PC, the CPU needs to be kept intact.

What is an Ideal Temperature for a CPU?

The room temperature is the best temperature for a CPU to be at. To be precise, the ideal range is from 22- 24 degrees Celsius.

But as it is impossible to keep the temperature all the time at room temperature, so it is okay if it is under 70 degrees Celsius, and should not cross more than that while gaming.

If you ignore or neglect to take care of your CPU and let it overheat it will start showing glitches, performance will get slower and in the end, physical harm will be seen.

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How to keep your CPU safe from heating?

  • Keep your PC (desktop or laptop) in a breathable place.
  • Upgrade your cooling fans.
  • Add a memory cooling fan.
  • Keep the CPU clean from the inside.
  • Run the PC with its case closed.
  • Add a case fan.

These are some pocket-friendly methods to keep your CPU safe and away from getting in trouble. These methods are very effective on CPUs too.

How hot can the CPU get without causing damage?

It has to be between 40-50 degrees Celsius. This is the range where the CPU can afford to get into heating itself. This is the optimal CPU temp while gaming.

With growing technology, many Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 PCs have been coming in upgraded and in a problem-solving way.

That is they shut down as soon as the PC heats and don’t give it a chance for the CPU to be damaged.

This way you don’t have to worry about any harm and damages in any way and be assured about the quality of the CPU is at its best all the time.

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