Download Don Bradman Cricket 14 Game Free for Windows PC

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is not like existing cricket game you have played before, the first thing to should do before you start playing is to forgot all that you know about cricket game past and start a fresh. Don Bradman Cricket 14 provides five different levels that steadily deliver both expanded controls and harder opponents.

You must familiarize yourself with this virtual match, as in real cricket game you won’t have the ability to place the pitch marker on the pitch to force where the ball is aimed. Download full version free and play this wonderful cricket game on your Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 PC.

The gameplay will assist you with foot movement and shot selection, easing you into the control option and letting you progress at your own pace with little requirement for the use of aggressive or defensive shots and no requirement to perform advance or unorthodox shots.

The player section allows you to create a cricketer to be used within the provide teams or even teams you have downloaded from the online academy.

While navigating the main menus of Don Bradman Cricket 14 you will be able to press Start Key from your Windows PC and access the navigation menu and this option will allows you to move between all modes of the game as fast as possible.

There are number of options available with the navigation menu. You can set up your own match types, create competitions and tours. Teams may be created, fields customized and even umpires created.

Play single game of any match type against any opponent locally or you can even play online matches against other teams from around the world. While playing Don Bradman’s cricket 14 there are a number of awards that will earn you XP as you play, these will be displayed in the awards section.

You can review all your individual statistics from playing the game in the stats section. Leader boards may be viewed in the leader boards section. Download full latest version for free and play Don Bradman’s cricket 2014 on any Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or or the latest Windows 10 PC.

Different number of cameras is available for batting, fielding, bowling and two players views. The score can be view as wickets or runs or even runs or wickets. Types of temperature and speed may also be adjusted. Replay feature can be enabled or disabled within the option menu.

Adjust volume for commentary, SFX and crowd sound. You can download and choose music tracks, change sound volumes and customize preferences such as MPH or KPH. Audio or visual bowling assistance can be turned on during matches.

A great place to learn the batting mechanics of Don Bradman Cricket is in the Practice Nets where you are given control of Don Bradman. You may customize every aspect of the game to your requirements and also share community created players and teams.

Upon entering the Practice Nets you will be able to edit default options such as the difficulty level, bowler type, delivery type, wicket side, line and length, as well as the speed of the delivery. You may also change the batsman mentality, handedness and skill. Download full version for free and experience the real cricket game from your PC or laptop of Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 or 10 OS.

Download Don Bradman Cricket 14 Game for PC

Full Features of Don Bradman Cricket 14 for Windows PC:

Difficulty: The game includes Rookie, Amateur, Pro, Veteran, and Legend. Each level requires more skill and greater knowledge of the control system than the previous.

Pitch Type: Select from – Dry, Grassy, Dusty, Crumbly or Random.

Pitch Hardness: Select from – Soft, Hard or Random.

Pitch Condition: Select from – Pristine, Uneven, Wearing, Worn or Random.

Pitch Cracks: Select from – None, Light, Heavy, or Random. The pitch elements of the match settings affect the behavior of the ball when it hits the pitch.

Lawn Striping: Select from – Diamond, Cross-Hatch, Stripe or Random.

Umpires: Choose the officiating umpire for the match from the default or user created umpires.

Match Report: Adjusting elements within match setting changes the match report in the centre of the screen, giving an overview of the match to be played.

Online: Don Bradman Cricket 14 can be played against random opponents online in both quick and custom matches, while friends may be played in online custom matches only. Quick match will find the first available online match.

Online Saving: Progress in online matches may be saved so as to be continued at a later time, this must be agreed by both parties to ensure fairness. In the event of a disconnection for any reason, you will also be offered the opportunity to save and continue the match later.

Invites: Friend matches can only be set up in custom match. Create the match and then invite a friend to join that match.

Scorecard: The scorecard gives a breakdown of the match in progress, pressing left or right on the left stick gives a further breakdown of each innings.

Tour: Previous tour templates set up in the Don Bradman Cricket academy allow for play through the tour calendar.

Competition: Select the competition template and pick teams to take part in the selected competition, all teams are available for use in the competition templates.

Download Size: 1.50 GB

File Type: .exe file

RAM: at least 2 GB Ram

Free Hard Drive Space: At least 2 GB free space

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 bit or 64 Bit)

License: Download Free (Full Version)

Category: Free Sports Video Game

Developer: Big Ant Studios

Rating: Excellent

Version: 2014

Download Don Bradman Cricket 14 for Windows PC

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