Download Free Tools to Fix Windows 10 Problems

Is Windows 10 crashing down? Don’t know how to fix it? Then go through our tips and methods to get back your functioning Windows 10 now.

Follow these methods to fix Windows 10 problems with free Windows Repair

Windows 10 is coming across many problems, so to troubleshoot these frequent undesirable problems going through this article will help you out.

Download effective free tools for making your problems on Windows 10 go away.

Free Tools for Windows 10

• Tweaking Windows Repair Tool:

This is another repair tool, that fixes many issues it is an all-in-one tool that works on any Windows PC, as it gives out the desired maximum output and solutions to your problems.

Registry permissions, windows firewall settings, Winsock and DNS cache files, windows updating issue, and many more issues can be solved and is very efficient in their work.

Download Tweaking Windows Repair Tool

• IOBit Driver Booster:

Windows 10 tries to manage the driver’s update but fails usually, so keep the IOBit driver booster to tackle this problem. IOBit driver booster is suitable for Win10 and ensures fixing and updating the drivers.

Download IOBit Driver Booster

• Snappy Driver Installer:

It is a free driver-solving component. Some of the drivers may settle and are not cleaned away when Windows 10 tries to fix and update.

So it is important to have one of the driver boosters to keep a check because there are many problems one can face with Windows 10.

Download Snappy Driver Installer

• FixWin 10:

It is the best Windows 10 repair tool. It is the second step to fix your Windows 10, to get the best of the best results download the FixWin also it is a portable Windows repair tool. Fixwin repairs the recycle bin updates it, restores access to the registry, etc.

Download FixWin 10 for Windows PC

• Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4:

It is an easy-to-use interface, it fixes almost all the problems we faced in Win10. Tweaker helps you enable, disable, remove, or hide features quickly, and the performance rate gets faster too. It works the same as FixWin.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

• O&O Shutup 10:

This program gets you 9 sections upon its installation where you can get back some operations that aren’t originally in the operating system.

This turning-off option is as simple as unseen flicking the numerous switches.

But there are some glitches in this too, if you turn off everything, it will slow down the system completely and will be undesirable for the user.

Download O&O Shutup 10

• Missed Features Installer:

Windows 10 may be really good, but it is missing out on many features. So, the missing features installer gets back those missing amazing old features that everyone wants back. It can get you into the classic start menu and can get back the legendary 3D Pinball too.

Get the updated version of Windows 10:

The updated version will sail you through, and will smoothly help you operate, so make sure you update your system.

How to update?

Open settings or click ctrl + l, then go to update and security, click on Windows update then lastly restart your system.

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