How to Download & Play FAU-G Mobile Game

As soon as PUBG is banned, nCORE Games and Superstar Akshay Kumar released the teaser of the Indian battle royale game FAU-G and everyone is searching how to download this game on their respective devices.

What Does FAU-G Stand For?

You might be wondering what the full meaning of FAU-G is, so let us tell that its full name of the game is “Fearless And United: Guards”.

After PUBG Mobile Ban in India, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has now introduced the new action game called FAU-G, supporting India’s Prime Minster self-reliant India movement.

There was a lot of craze among people regarding the PUBG game in India, but now after the PUBG ban, now the developers in India have the opportunity to launch their Battle Royal Games.

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FAUG Mobile Game

Akshay Kumar has not only informed about the new game by tweeting but also said that 20% of the net revenue from the game will be given to Bharat Ke Veer Trust of India.

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Through this game, the player will not only be entertained but he will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers.

Looking at the poster of the game, it is believed that this could be a game of PUBG impact. The game has been created by Bangalore-based mobile game developer nCORE Games.

This new game has been launched after the Indian government banned 118 Chinese apps including the most popular PUBG mobile game. Remember that even before this many Chinese apps have been banned.

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How to Download & Play FAU-G Game:

There is currently no information about the gameplay of FAUG and its availability, but it is expected that the game will be rolled out to the players soon.

FAU-G game was announced by Khiladi Akshay Kumar through his Twitter account. This battle royale game will be available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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