[6] Best FREE & Open-Source School Management Software (2022)

School administration is a difficult task as it requires monitoring thousands of school activities along with efficient planning and management.

School administration involves enormous activities on a daily basis such as staffing, organizing events, budgeting, reporting, tackling human relations, directing and supervising all of these.

However, if all of these activities are subjected to be handled manually, there several cons attached to it. Manual management and administration of the school will involve a lot of time and even be inefficient in several cases.

School management software’s makes the work relatively 10x times easier. These software’s will help the school in:

  • Admission management
  • Student profile management
  • Examination management
  • Activities management
  • Transport management
  • Staff management
  • Curriculum management
  • Online communication management
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Therefore it is important for the schools to use some school management and administration software’s. Improve communication among, students, teachers, staff, and admin.

List of 6 Best School Management Softwares:

Best School ERP Software

1. Fedena:

Fedena is said to be one of the best open-source and free school management software you can lay your hands on. It has been conferred upon several awards and continues to be simply the phenomenon of school administration.

This software is user-friendly and has a wide range of features. It will help you manage multiple courses, record-organize student-parent profiles, generate certificates, create- update about all the school events, and manage exams.

Moreover, it is easy to use admin and is currently used by 20 million users worldwide. Fedena is perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable ERP software to meet all your institution requirements.

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Open Source School Management Software

2. openSIS School Software

OpenSis community is a popular open-source school management system. It will help you perform multiple activities such as keeping the record of student attendance- marks, transcriptions, work schedule, and customizing reports.

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However, the design of this administration software system is perfect for the medium-small size schools. OpenSis community has proved to bring about positive changes in the functioning of many schools making them an ideal choice for several educational institutions.

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School Administration Software

3. OpenEduCat:

OpenEduCat is one of the best open-source free school management software. We couldn’t miss this one as it never fails to give schools an amazing experience.

It is designed to handle all the functions of your school and supervise all of its aspects. Above all, some of its unique features include providing modules for exams, managing courses, budgeting, and faculty records.

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School ERP Software

4. MySchool Zeroerp:

MySchool ZeroERP application is a complete school management software system that sends an update about homework, attendance, exam notification, and results. Also, you don’t have to wait for parent’s teacher meetings to get information with ZeroERP you can also communicate with the teachers.

MySchool ZeroERP app allows you to communicate better and may also help with your work. You can visit the official website and register for your school or you can also download the Android and iOS apps for free.

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Free School ERP Software

5. Gibbon:

An inclusive free school management software, Gibbon will make you fall head over heels for its amazing features. Gibbon is free open source school management software that paves its way onto the list of “best open source school management systems”.

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It also provides the school with resources like assessment sheets, library catalogs, planning tools, and rubrics. Above all, gibbon is bound to bring several positive changes to your school without any inconvenience.

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Top Free ERP Software

6. School ERP:

It is an all-in-one ERP software that offers diverse features such as; invoicing, account management, payroll, online classes, infirmary, faculty management, HR, and payroll.

Moreover, it is regarded as one of the best school management software due to its features like; board management, grade system, library databases, exam management, attendance management and more.

In addition, it is a user-friendly software that helps in managing human relations and parent-student profiles too. Sounds amazing right? Isn’t it?

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