Download & Play (Classic) Golf Game Now on Your Windows PC

If playing a 3D golf game is a passion that you indulge then by now you should be familiar with the Golf game. Golf game allows virtual golfers to test their skills on some of the best golf courses and greens in the world.

This is an easy and more advanced golf game it comes with 3D graphics. You play in practice mode or tournament mode. It also boasts realistic 3-dimensional graphics and a brand-new physics engine meant to fully enhance the golfing experience.

With your mouse position your viewpoint by playing around with the keyboard or joystick. Again using your mouse, click in the direction you’d like the ball to go. Mess about with the swing feature to control your power.

Best of all, the game can be played by anyone for free. The game is quite self-explanatory. Download and play your favorite golf game now on any Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8.1, 8, and Windows 10 PC.


You can register by clicking on the Register Now button from the login menu in the game. It will bring you to the account registration screen. Fill out all the basic information as prompted and you will be registered and ready to play.

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Playing the Game:

Once you’ve registered an account you’re ready to get in and play. Just double-click the game icon on your desktop anytime you want to run the game. We recommend that you quit all other applications before playing to have the best experience possible.

Golf Game for PC

How to Play Golf Game on Windows PC?

• Selecting a Club: The club name displayed over the golf bag in the lower right corner is the club currently in use. To change clubs just move your mouse over the golf bag.

The bag will expand and you can put the mouse over any club in the bag to see its maximum distance. Click the left mouse button over any club to select it.

• Changing Aim / Minimap: The item in the top right corner of the screen is a miniature map, or minimap, of the course. This allows you to quickly see the layout of the course, as well as where you are currently aiming your shot.

The yellow flag represents the hole, and the red and white pole is where your shot is currently aimed. To move the pole, left-click anywhere on the minimap or the actual course itself in the main window. Keep in mind that the pole only represents the direction and not power, as power is controlled by the shot ring itself.

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• The Shot Ring: Left-click the ball labeled “Shot” to start the Shot Ring in action.  Left-click the ball again to set the power of the shot, the closer to the mark at the bottom of the ring, the more powerful the shot will be.

After the second click, the cursor will move in the opposite direction back towards the top of the ring. To set the accuracy of the shot, left-click as close as you can to the mark at the top.

• Adjusting Loft: By default, any shot will be hit with average loft, but you can either add or remove loft from the ball by left-clicking the Up and Down Arrows that are above and below the Shot Ball.

• Adding Hook or Slice: By default, the ball is struck without any hook or slice. If you would like to add either one to the ball, just left-click the Left or Right Arrows on either side of the Shot Ball.

• Back Spin: If you want to add a backspin to any shot, just left-click the Circular Arrow to the bottom right of the Shot Ring.

• Powershot: To add a boost of hitting power to your shot, left-click the Green Bottle to the bottom left of the Shot Ring. This is especially useful for long drives, but should be used sparingly as the number you can use is limited.

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• Camera Controls: To the right of the Shot Ring, you can see the image of a camera surrounded by arrows. If at any time you would like a better view of the terrain before you take a shot just use the arrows to move the camera around.

When you’re done left click on the camera in the middle, and you will be brought back to your normal camera view. It’s important to note that changing your view does not change where you aim your shot.

• Wind Indicator: The item in the lower-left corner of the screen is the wind indicator. The wind can change between each shot, so be sure to keep an eye on it. The wind is currently blowing in the direction that the arrow is pointed, and the strength of the wind is measured in green boxes under the arrow.

The more green boxes that show, the stronger the wind is blowing. If you would like to know the exact speed of the wind, move your mouse cursor over the Wind Indicator and the speed will be displayed below in MPH.

• Slope Grid Toggle: Just to the right of the wind indicator you can see the slope grid toggle icon. Left-clicking on this item will turn the slope grid on and off.

This item can be of great use whenever you are putting on a green to tell where the ball will run. Green indicates an increase in slope, red is a decreasing slope, and white means that the area is fairly flat.

• Hotkeys: Press the Esc key to Exit Menu

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Download Details:

File Name: Golf Game for PC

Download Size: 72.8 MB

File Type: .EXE

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Golden Fairway

Category: Windows PC Games

Download Golf Game for Windows PC

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