Download Google Drive – Google Drive Features and Review

Google Drive is a file stream and storage service started by Google, comes under one of the favorable commodities, used by many users worldwide. Google drive app is allied with cloud services.

It is used in sharing files, store files, backup and sync, stream from device to device. It also allows apps to have offline capabilities on Windows, iOS, macOS, and android. Download the app from the direct download link given below.

Google drive has 800 million users, and 1 million paying users who rely on Google drive for various usage. By being used by more than 800 million users, let’s read through some reviews and features.

Why Google drive app is favorable by many?

It has a 15 GB of storage, storing and stream any type of a file let be images, spreadsheets, email attachments and etc. You can use Google drive to hold everything in just a single place with the organization and no hotch-potch.

They also work better when allied with apps like docs, sheets, and slides all in one place. You can not only easily scan documents but also, use files saved on Google drive offline.

Another important feature about Google drives is that shared files to another network can be edited by them and by you too and the changes get automatically saved.

It has a part productive suite, backup service, online storage, office suite functionality, also has a feature of part-filing syncing which are some exclusive features of Gdrive which cannot be seen on other apps or online accounts.

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Google Drive Download for PC

Studying Google Drive’s features more deeply, we came across some interesting Google Drive app reviews and features:

1. Back up and syncing:

Google drive’s backup is the most adored feature by users, as therein no stress about losing any document, data, photos ever. It doesn’t have to be on any other device or platform or overcrowding any folder.

It not only saves your data but also syncs it with cloud, so that you can comfortably view the data, photos offline. You can also back up files from USB drive and SD cards to your PC.

2. Drive homepage:

Google drive has a home page which is completely different from the editing page, where you can flexibly open one or more tabs at a time and work with comfort.

3. Google docs:

It is a very effective way to edit or work when Google docs and Google drive are linked with each other. Multiple uses can use it at the same time. Can edit, produce text documents and etc.

4. Suggestion:

Gdrive lets suggestion get in between, to change a text into a better way and so. This helps the user use this feature effectively and do better.

5. Revision and comments:

Google Drive works aligning with revision and suggestions. It is also aligned with the Microsoft office revisions.

6. Folder options:

You can use multiple folders and create multiple folders. You can also download Microsoft OneDrive app for PC from the direct download link for more storage and file stream.

7. Photos:

Photos can be saved and edited later on, on Google drive. They store the information but cannot track any Geo-tagged images.

8. Gdrive Apps:

Google drive is aligned with many web-based editing apps.

9. Share:

Google drive helps majorly in sharing data and documents online and edits it online.

10. Sheets:

Sheets on the drive have similar functions as of an excel sheet and is easy to work on.

11. Windows desktop sync utility:

After installing photos desktop uploader to PC, Google Drive will show features where you can sync data and documents after any account are signed in.

12. Office plugin:

In-office plugin feature you can always edit files that are on Google drive-in Microsoft office.

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