Download Google Input Tools (Offline Installer) for Windows PC

Google Input Tools is the best program that allows you to type and use your Windows PC in more than 20 languages with a virtual keyboard. Google input tools are available for Google Chrome, Android, and Windows.

Switch your keyboard in a regional language with a single click and also switch back easily. The input tools offer virtual keyboards, a direct transliteration for different scripts, and handwriting input.

You can also change the Windows display language and default input method if you want to use a display language and an input method that’s different than the one in your language list you change that.

You can set a different input method for each app window or use the desktop language bar when it’s available. To Use Google Input Tools first you have to change the language preferences. Try Google input tools offline installer for multi-languages.

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Download the input tools for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 PC (32-bit, and 64-bit) free & safe and type in your preferred language on Windows, the tool works online and offline as well.

Google Input Tools for Windows

How to Add Google Input Tools to Windows PC?

  • Download and install input tools.
  • Then Go to the control panel.
  • Click on Add a language under Clock, Language, and Region.
  • To Use Google Input Tools first you have to change the language preferences.
  • Change your language preferences and add languages you want to use to the list.
  • The language at the top of your list will be your primary language the one you want to see and use most often.
  • Click on add a language button.
  • Select your preferred language and click the add button.
  • You will then see the language in your list.
  • Now click on Options.
  • For Windows display language you need to download and install a language pack.
  • For the input method, you need to add an input method and save it.
  • Google Input Tools only works on the desktop.

Download Google Input Tools for Windows PC

Google Input Tool Extension

How to Use Google’s Input Tools Chrome extension?

With the Google input tools Chrome extension you can use all of Google’s great input technologies not just on Google products but anywhere you can input text on the web. To use the extension:

  • Go to
  • Click on try it out and install the Chrome extension.
  • Alternatively, you can also search the Chrome Web Store directly for Google input tools.
  • Click add it to Chrome and once the Chrome extension is installed you’ll see the icon on your chrome bar.

Go ahead and click on it and click on extension options to select which languages and tools you want to use as you know it supports more than 70 languages and many languages support multiple input tools.

Google tools can also use anywhere else on the web. You will find the Google input tools Chrome extension more fun and easy to use.

Download Google Input Tools Chrome Extension

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