5 Easy Methods to Check Your Own Mobile Phone Number

If you have just got a new sim and you remember your number then in this post, we will tell you how to find out your own mobile phone number in easy steps.

How to Find Mobile Phone Number?

List of Options to Check Your Own Mobile Number?

Method 1:

  • Go to “settings”.
  • Scroll down tap “About phone”
  • Here you will be able to see your mobile phone number.

Method 2:

  • This is the easiest way to find out your new number.
  • Call another person’s number.
  • Check the number on his device.
  • After calling him your number will appear on his screen.
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Method 3:

if your friend or family member is not with you there is another way to do this.

  • Visit this website https://whatismynumber.io.
  • They will provide you with a phone number to call.
  • Call on the number from your phone.
  • It will immediately detect your number and show it on this page.

Method 4:

  • If you are using Google’s messaging app.
  • Then you can easily find out your new number.
  • Open the messages app.
  • Tap on the 3 dots.
  • Select settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom to see your phone number

Method 5:

  • You can also find your SIM number using the contacts app.
  • Open the contacts app on your mobile.
  • Tap on the all contacts list.
  • You will find your number here.
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