How to Download Disney+ on TV?

Disney+ also pronounces Disney Plus. With Disney plus app you can play and watch all the latest movies and cartoons shows and even share them with your kids.

You can easily watch Star Wars, National Geographic TV, and off course the Marvel Universe, all this are available now in one amazing app.

Disney plus is now available for Sony, LG, MI, Philips, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Vu, Thompson, Motorola, Micromax and Samsung Smart TVs which was manufactured from past 2016 to till now.

So, how to download and install Disney + and what televisions you can get it on right here. From Frozen II to Aladdin your kids will love it Toy Story and Disney+ originals.

But how can you see all this on your smart TV? The best way is to download the app, which allows you to access full library. But before that you need check whether your smart or non-smart TV supports Disney+ app.

If the app is not supported with your TV, no worries you can still watch your favorite shows on your TV, there are a number of devices available online such as Roku streaming stick, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, XboxOne, Vizio, PlayStation 4 and more.

All the listed devices support Disney plus app so, if you have any one of those you can binge watching.

How to Download Disney Plus on TV

How to Download Disney plus App on a Samsung Smart TV?

Disney is available on only latest models of Samsung Smart TVs. You can check the full list of compatible models by following the link given below.

If you are using a compatible smart or non-smart TV, kindly follow the given steps to download and install the app.

• First connect your Samsung smart TV to the internet.
• Register to Disney+ from its official website.
• Navigate to home screen and select apps icon.
• Type Disney+ in the search box at right corner side.
• Now select and enter Disney+ and add it to the home screen.
• This way you may download and install the app on your Samsung TV.
• Now open, log in and watch.

Click Here to Check the List of Compatible Models.

How to Download Disney plus App on a Sony Smart TV?

The Disney application can be used with any Android based TV models. The app can be installed easily from Play Store or Sony Select on your TV.

For more detailed information, visit official website.

• If you have Sony android TV model then you can easily download and install the Disney plus app just like on Android Smartphone’s.
• First register to Disney+ app if you have a Sony Smart TV.
• Navigate and search the Disney plus app using remote.
• Once you locate select and Install.
• Now open the app from your TV home screen.
• Now log in and enjoy.

How to Download Disney plus App on LG Smart TV?

With your LG smart TV and supported models, you can enjoy endless entertainment, Cartoon, Star Wars Sagas, National Geography, Marvel super heroes and many more.

Disney app may not be available for some older models. Do check your model number is supported if not consider using a streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku, Nexus etc.

• First turn on your LG smart TV.
• Got to “Content Store” at your TV home screen.
• Now enter Disney+ in the search box to find the app.
• Once you locate select and Install.
• This will add the app on your LG TV home screen.
• Now signup or log in to Disney plus account
• Watch your favorite shows.

How to Download Disney plus App on Philips Smart TV?

• To install Disney apps from the Philips TV Collection or the Google Play Store
• Your TV must have an active internet connection.
• You must sign in with a Gmail to use the Google Play Store app.
• Browse and select the app to install and press OK. Add the app to the Home screen on the Apps row.
• Now signup or log in to Disney plus account
• Enjoy streaming your favorite shows.

How to Download and Watch Disney+ in Non- Smart TV?

Millions of users are still using LED and LCD TV basically a non- smart TV for various reasons. If you are one of them then you can still download and watch Disney plus with a streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Vizio, Xfinity Flex, Google Chromecast, Stream TV, G-Box, LG, Tivo, and Xbox One.

This way you convert your non smart TV into a smart TV with the help of any streaming box. The compact box not only wirelessly streams movies, TV shows, and sports to your TV.

It also comes with pre-installed Android apps that gives access to the Google Play Store, which houses a large library of downloadable movies, music, and games.

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