How to Find Hidden Cameras in any Hotel Room?

The advanced technology we have today has an equal share of boons and bane. The more the technology advances, somewhere it also paves the way for several criminals to commit crimes easily. One such example is the inappropriate usage of security cameras.

There is a rapid rise in women or even men being blackmailed daily with their MMS or videos and intimate pictures threatened to be leaked online.

The maximum numbers of victims fail to detect these hidden cameras. Let it be the changing rooms of large malls or hotel rooms, none can be trusted. Hence, here are some simple ways you can detect and find a spy camera within minutes.

How to Find Hidden Cameras

How to Find Hidden Cameras?

1. Quick Navigation of your surroundings:

Firstly, do a thorough visual inspection of the room upon arrival. Look for any unusual or out-of-place objects, including small holes, unusual wires, or oddly positioned items. All you have to do is keenly observe your surroundings and go around the place. Most of the spy cameras are hidden in places/ things such as:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Air filter equipment
  • Books
  • Wall decor
  • Electrical outlets
  • Desk plants
  • Tissue boxes
  • Stuffed teddy bears or any stuffed item
  • Couch cushions, tabletops, and shelves
  • Wall sockets and near switchboards
  • Hairdryer holders
  • Clocks
  • Clothes hooks
  • Pens

In addition, to detect the cameras by quick navigation, check for the perfect angle for any camera to be set up to get the full view of the place it will help you uncover any hidden devices.

2. Use your phone to find spy cameras:

You can use your phone in several simple ways to find hidden cameras. However, one such simple way is to call your family member or a friend and keep them online. Walk through the whole room and suspected places with your phone.

If there are any hidden cameras, you can hear a buzzing or clicking sound on your phone. Moreover, this trick is proven to be very useful and is a widely used method to detect spy cameras.

3. Use a camera detector app:

You can also use a smartphone app that detects hidden cameras by scanning for unusual signals. You can install a camera detector app on your mobile irrespective of whether it is an android or IOS. Camera detector apps are available on all kinds of mobile phones. Then, Launch the app on your phone and the app will examines the magnetic activity surrounding the gadget. The app will beep and sound an alert for you so that you can look into it more.

Download Spy Camera Detector App for android or IOS

4. Use the mirror in your room:

This trick is easy and very helpful to detect two-way mirrors or spy cameras in mirrors. Just keep your fingernail on the mirror and then observe the gap between your finger and the mirror.

If your finger touches the mirror tip to tip, there are high chances of a hidden camera being present there. Whereas, if there is a gap between the mirror and your finger, then it is a real mirror.

5. Using Flashlight?

Another simple trick using flashlights you can find hidden cameras within seconds. Turn off the lights in the room and pan the flashlight throughout the room. Especially towards the suspected places, if you notice any reflective lights there is probably a hidden camera at that place.

There are several other ways such as using secretive cameras installed in your room to see who entered your room. You can even order camera detector equipment from Amazon.

In conclusion, it is important to stay alert and take some precautions than regret or cry. It’s important to note that these methods may not guarantee the discovery of all hidden cameras, but they can provide some peace of mind during your stay.

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