How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings in 2022?

Google Adsense is one of the most important and very competitive online advertising programs which lets you make huge money online by serving their ads on your website or personal blog.

If you have a blog or a business website, then start earning money from your online content. AdSense provides an easy way for you to monetize the content and help advertisers show the relevant ads to your audience.

Mentioned below are some of the best, effective and healthy ways through which you can increase and boost your Google AdSense money.

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Let See How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings?

how to improve adsense revenue

1. Create great content:

High-quality content is crucial for building a relationship with your audience and driving positive interactions. Make a great content strategy, develop great content, and grow your audience.

Check out Google Trends in Search and YouTube to see what’s popular in your country right now. Focus on producing content that is unique and provides value to your users. Content is the king and the easy way to improve your overall AdSense revenue.

You could grow your audience and create a great experience for your website users by creating new and trending content. Creating useful and information-rich content is key to long-term revenue success with AdSense.

how to increase adsense earnings

2. Go for Auto Ads: 

Auto ads have helped many website owners grow their income considerably without any extra work – allowing them to focus on their content. You can let Auto ads scan your site and automatically place ads where they’re likely to perform well.

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Google has developed a new version of Auto ads that gives you greater ability to customize the Auto ads experience for your users. Depending on how you use Auto ads, you must closely match your current Auto ads settings.

Enable all Auto ads formats, especially AdSense’s best-performing ad format, Vignette. Also, check you’ve turned on the ‘wide screen’ control in your Auto ads settings for both anchor and vignette ads.

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how to increase adsense income

3. Site Kit Plugin:

How to increase Google AdSense earnings with Site Kit? Don’t worry will tell you how!

If you are using WordPress for your website or blog then try Google’s new official WordPress plugin called Site Kit. Get direct insights about how users are finding and using your website through your Word Press dashboard.

Site Kit plugin by Google allows us to overview the data like how people found your site, how your site appeared in search results, and how many visitors you got from Search using Google Analytics, and Search Console data.

We can see the most popular content, top search queries, and not only that it will also show the Core Web Vitals results like Page Speed and Experience. We can see how fast our home loads, how quickly people can interact with our content, and how stable our content is.

Site Kit plugin also allows us to connect our WordPress site to our AdSense account and place the AdSense code on all our pages. It will do so for non-AMP and AMP versions of our site. This is how you can increase your AdSense money using this amazing plugin.

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how to increase google adsense earnings

4. Try AMP:

More than half of all search traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets. Get your site mobile-ready. When it comes to your mobile site’s loading speed, every second counts. Using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a great way to enhance your loading speed.

If you are using the WordPress platform then you can easily set up AMP for WordPress by installing the AMP plugin. It will automatically create AMP versions of your pages to make them load almost instantly.

Install the AMP plugin on your WP website or blog and you will see up to a 15% increase in mobile revenue, website traffic, and consistently fast loading pages across mobile devices and platforms.

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As a publisher, if you have a lot of direct traffic, ensure that the landing pages including the home page have an AMP version. Also, make sure that the top landing pages from organic and referral pages have an AMP version.

If the user lands on an AMP page, be sure to provide navigational elements and content recommendations to lower the bounce rate. Try AMP and maximize your traffic and revenue at the same time.

how to improve adsense revenue

5. Google Analytics 4:

As a publisher, we already have google analytics linked with our Adsense account, but to summarize it is actually a web analytics tool that actually tracks and reports about the website traffic.

It is a tool that has actually been widely used by both publishers and advertisers through tagging across your website. It actually helps you aggregate all of your important data and then access as a publisher you access these data insights and to get the most out of it.

Google Analytics: insights for creating content and growing earnings from it. Use insights from the latest version of Google Analytics 4 to enhance your content strategy and grow your traffic.

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Check your Analytics account data to see your highest-earning devices and ad formats. Your Google Analytics reports will also show top user searches and most visited pages. Use the Google Analytics tool in AdSense to spot worldwide seasonal peaks, then refocus your strategy accordingly.

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increase adsense revenue

6: Try Matched Content:

If you don’t know how to increase Google AdSense earnings with Matched Content don’t get confused? Matched Content is nothing but the same old Similar Post plugin the plugin we used to display related posts on our site.

Matched Content is a recommended service by Google Adsense to help you promote your content to your site’s visitors. It also came with the option to show ads alongside the links to your content. Reduce bounce rate by engaging your visitors.

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But this content promotion service is not available for every Adsense user. Your site has to be eligible in order to show matched content ads. If your website has a good amount of traffic then you try this useful feature.

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increase google adsense revenue

7. Increase Page Speed:

Check your page speed 53%³ of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes 3 seconds or more to load. Use the Google Page Speed Insights Tool to check your site’s performance, and get recommended improvements.

Speed up your website or blog with AMP for mobile and use the best practices. Page speed is one of the valuable factors in terms of on-page SEO. If your site ranks well in Google you will get more traffic and ultimately your earnings will be improved.

You can check your website page speed using the Google Page Speed Insights tool or GTmetrix online tool. These tools not only show your how your site pages are loading but also give you the option to boost your page speed.

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improve adsense income

8. Ad Size Optimization:

Enable all possible ad sizes with the Ad size optimization setting. Another way to drive revenue is by unblocking all categories so more advertisers can compete for the space. You can always visit your Ad review center if you need to block individual ads from showing.

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They’ve made it easier to create and manage ad units. All ad units will be created responsive by default to adjust to different screen sizes on mobile and desktop for increased performance and flexibility. If you do need further customization, you’ll still be able to create custom-sized ad units.

increase adsense money

9. Auto Optimize:

Unlock your income potential by turning on the new and improved Auto optimize. This lets you test different ad settings combinations and automatically apply improvements aimed at increasing revenue.

High holiday traffic levels also mean your experiments can run faster, and your revenue boost kicks in sooner. Adsense Auto Optimize tries out various layouts and features, such as doing tests on standard templates for bespoke search styles.

Auto optimise can help you find better-performing settings and, as a result, increase your earnings. Also, experiment with ad settings with A/B tests to see which ads perform better.

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increase adsense amount

10. Optimization Page:

Check out the Optimization Page in your AdSense account for personalized tips on how to increase your earnings. As you find more ways that can help you earn money, you’ll see them listed there.

Get relevant and useful tips, direct to your account. It will also show you the reports that will help you choose the right AdSense formats for your site as well as improve the viewability of your ads.

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Comment us if you have more ideas on how to increase Google AdSense earnings?

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