How to Make a Video Call on Your Jio Phone? (Jio to Jio / Jio to Android)

Today we will tell you how you can make a video call on your Jio phone. In order to make a video call or video or chat there are certain prerequisites, you need to be connected to a 4G network and your handset should have a front camera and should support video calling.

Video calls can only be made to contacts that are also using Jio mobile phones or have a video call compatible device. Go ahead and connect with your family and friends through HD video calls.

If you are using an android mobile device then you have to download and install the JioChat video calling app from the app store in order to make video calls to a Jio phone. Download the JioChat app from here.

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how to make video call on jio phone

How to Make a Video Call on Your Jio Phone?

  • Add the person to your phone contact list first.
  • Make sure they are using Jio 4G Phone.
  • On your Jio phone Press the Center menu button.
  • Find the JioVideocall app icon.
  • Open the application.
  • Now choose from your recent calls, or select the phonebook icon.
  • Select the person you want to call using the contact, by tapping their name.
  • Select the contact.
  • Press the video call icon and start calling your friends & family.

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How to Make Video Call Using JioChat App (Android & iOS)?

  • Download & install the JioChat app on the Android / iOS device.
  • Open the JioChat app.
  • Tap on Plus (+) icon and tap on “New Chat”.
  • Now go to your contacts select the contact you want to call or chat.
  • Tap the video call icon as your phone dials off your video will appear on your screen with the help of the front camera.
  • Once the call is connected you and your contact will be able to see each other.
  • In case you wish to discontinue sharing your video and only want to continue with the voice call tap on the menu button and select voice call.
  • With JioChat you can easily share photos, documents, videos, GPS location, and more.
  • You can also share Emojis stickers.
  • You can even send free text messages to your family & friends.

Follow the steps mentioned above and start making video calls or video chats from your Jio phone. Experience HD video calling and stay connected with your family & friends 24 by 7.

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