How to Upgrade a Laptop? RAM, SSD, Processor & Graphic Card

Is your laptop becoming slow? Is your laptop take so long to restart? What if you upgraded it instead of replacing it? Let us see how to upgrade a laptop by following some useful tips.

The laptop has become very much essential for most of us and as the days advance, the laptop gets older and we always prefer an updated laptop as we just cannot dwell in an old laptop for our works and other purposes.

What’s more confusing is whether to upgrade the old laptop or simply buy a new one. Not every time we need to go for a new one, we can also altering\upgrading some parts to have an updated laptop for the current trend.

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How to Upgrade a Laptop

Let’s See How to Upgrade a Laptop?

1. Upgrading the RAM or Memory:

The first and far most important thing in order to upgrade a laptop is RAM. Most laptops have an option to add RAM sticks for the slots available for the RAM in the motherboard. We need to buy new memory and open the unit and add the memory.

Since on many laptops, the unit will be soldered, hence it is hard for the users to update on their own. It is best if we take the laptop for an expert to upgrade the RAM for us.

2. Upgrading the Hard Drive or SSD:

Most of us have storage issues with our laptops. The in-built storage may not be enough for our usage. Most the laptops allow replacement of the hard drive.

Always go for SSD (solid-state drive) one of the best and a new generation of storage devices used on many laptops. Alternatively, we can also try external hard disks which are easier and less tedious than this process.

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3. Upgrade a Laptop Graphic Card:

A lot of people are curious about knowing how to upgrade GPU (graphic card) on a laptop. Unfortunately, we can’t replace a graphic card on a laptop as it will be soldered.

But there’s a way to upgrade the GPU capabilities. We need to buy an external unit that can be connected to a USB port. We can simply connect that and can experience the upgraded GPU performance.

4. Add CD/DVD Drive:

Most of the latest (HP, Dell, AUSU, Lenovo, or Sony) laptops don’t have a DVD drive. We need to buy an external optical drive and can connect it to the laptop through a USB port.

5. How to Upgrade a Laptop OS:

Many times we need the latest OS, for that we need not have to buy a new laptop we can just upgrade the OS.

To do this we have to first erase the older OS from our hard drive and download the latest Windows 10 OS and install it.

We can also take our laptop to service centers or an expert to get this job done.

Upgrading the laptop to a gaming laptop:

It’s not an impossible job to upgrade your new laptop into a gaming laptop, but it’s hard for very older laptops.

Although we may not get a greater gaming experience, we can have an optimum and satisfactory gaming experience.

For this, first, we have to make sure that our laptop is free from dust and dirt as they block airflow and cause excessive heating.

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Next, we have to defrag the files (i.e. reorganize the data stored in the hard drive so that the related pieces of data are put back together).

Then we have to make sure DirectX is up to date, for that go to the search bar and type dxdiag and check the version we’re using and update if necessary and then overclock the graphic card.

Note: Before upgrading the laptop we have to be very careful as it can void the warranty, not all components can be upgraded and some upgrades may damage the laptop.

Whether you are using HP, Dell, AUSU, Lenovo, or Sony always remember upgrading the laptop isn’t the best way for a great gaming experience as in PC.

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