Download Ice Cream Screen Recorder for Windows PC (Free App)

Icecream screen recorder is easy-to-use free screen recording software that can capture your computer screen with audio and in excellent quality. It also offers a number of useful features which no other application offers for free.

Ice cream screen recorder also allows users to record streaming videos, desktop activities, games, and much more in a different video format with no watermark. You can record tutorials, lectures, presentations, and how-to or webinars.

The app allows you to pause, play, and stop the recording any time you want, draw on the screen, and choose from a variety of video resolutions that you want. It also comes with a variety of configuration choices.

Recording videos online can be an option if you want to see the videos later at your convenience on devices with no Internet access. Record videos from YouTube, Facebook, Insta, and other websites with the Icecream app.

Recording Modes:

Icecream Screen Recorder offers 5 modes of recording:

  • Custom area
  • Fullscreen
  • Last area
  • Area auto-detection
  • Around mouse

Users can save screenshots, copy and share URLs for screenshots. You can take screenshots of the entire screen or a specific area of it. Using the drawing and text tools, the app allows you to edit and comment on recordings and screenshots.

Users can highlight, mark, or add additional info to the recorded video by typing over it. It also has tools with different numbers including a step tool, brush, arrow, etc.

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Users can easily activate or deactivate the desktop while screen recording, as a result, users may quickly shift between Windows tabs, and files, as well as open new applications.

Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Ice Cream Screen Recording App Key Features:

1. Screenshots: Save it, copy it, or get a short link to the screenshot.

2. Video Quality: Choose 3 different High, Medium, and Low video quality.

3. Video Format: Supports MP4, MKV, and WebM, video formats.

4. Languages Supports: This ice screen app supports more than 40 different languages.

5. OS: The Ice app is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

6. Record Videos Online: You can also record videos online from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

7. Recording: Pause, stop, and play screen recording anytime you want.

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8. Games Stream: You can record the full-screen games without cropping or editing to create high-quality videos.

9. Drawing on Video: You can draw or enter the text over the captured video or picture.

10. Highlight Mouse:  Adds a circle around your computer mouse cursor while recording.

11. Hide Icons: Hide all the computer icons from the screen while recording and taking screenshots.

12. Watermark: Add a watermark to your videos created with the Icecream app.

13. Scheduled Recording: The ice cream app also supports scheduled screen recordings.

14. Webcam Recording: The ice cream app also allows you to capture webcam images.

Ice Cream Screen Recorder Hotkeys:

  • Record/Pause: CTRL+Shift+R by default
  • Stop: CTRL+Shift+S by default
  • Screenshot: CTRL+Shift+T by default
  • Copy: CTRL+Shift+C
  • URL: CTRL+Shift+U
  • Zoom-in: F10
  • Zoom-out: F9
  • Switch Control: CTRL+Shift+G
  • Draw: CTRL+Shift+D
  • Show Panel: CTRL+Shift+H
  • Cancel: CTRL+Shift+E
  • Webcam: CTRL+Shift+W

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Download Details:

File Name: Icecream Screen Recorder

Download Size: 54 MB

File Type: .EXE

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download

Language: Multiple Languages


Publisher: Icecream Apps

Rating: Excellent

Version: Free Latest Version

Category: Windows PC Apps

Download Icecream Screen Recorder for Windows PC

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