25 Helpful Apple iOS 16 Features Every iPhone User Should Know (Updated)

Whether you’re at home or on the go, iOS 16 makes it easy to accomplish so much. New intelligence, sharing, and communication features in the most recent Apple iOS will improve a lot of what you do with your iPhone.

Apple is ready to release the most recent version of iOS, which could mean that in a few months your iPhone’s OS will change for the better, but only if you have an iPhone 8 or later.

There are numerous upgrades that will alter how you use your iPhone. Additionally, iOS expands that experience outside of the phone to improve how you engage with the outside world.

iOS has you covered, whether it’s assisting with your daily routine or keeping you connected on your upcoming road trip. Additionally, it includes a fantastic array of brand-new customization tools that will make your experience feel absolutely unique to you.

With all-new personalization capabilities, deeper intelligence, and more fluid sharing and communication options, iOS 16 improves the iPhone. The newest and improved features make it easier for you to complete tasks.

Apple unveiled the iOS 16 at their Worldwide Developers Conference in June 16. This is the latest operating system update for the iPhone and iPad. The new update includes some major changes to the user experience, most notably with the lock screen.

From personalizing your Lock Screen photos to translating text using Camera, here are 25 helpful iPhone iOS 16 features and tips you should know that help you get the most out of your iPhone.

List of Apple iOS 16 Features for iPhone Users:

iOS 16

1. Lift the Subject of a Photo:

Starting in iOS 16, you can lift the subject of a photo away from the background so you can copy and share it. Just touch and briefly hold the subject and lift your finger when you see the outline start to appear around it. Tap Copy to copy the lifted subject, switch to a supported app like Messages and paste it.

Bonus Tip: in Messages, send the lifted subject using the echo screen effect to really wow your friends.

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Apple iOS 16

2. Apply Styles to your Lock Screen Photos:

Also starting in iOS Sixteen, when personalizing your Lock Screen with a photo, you can customize it even more. Swipe left on the Lock Screen while in edit mode for a variety of photo styles, including color filters and more.

iOS 16 Update

3. View Your Wi-Fi Password:

And here’s another tip starting in iOS 16. To quickly see the password of the Wi-Fi network you’re currently using, in Settings, tap Wi-Fi and tap the information button, which looks like the letter “i” next to the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. Then, tap the password and use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock and reveal it.

Apple iOS 16 Update

4. Save Time With Text Replacement:

If you find yourself typing out the same phrase a lot, this latest iOS 16 features create a text replacement to get the message across faster. In Settings, tap General, then tap Keyboard, and tap Text Replacement. Tap the Add button, which looks like a plus sign, in the top-right corner of your screen and enter a phrase into the Phrase field.

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Then, enter the text replacement you’d like to use into the Shortcut field and tap Save in the upper-right corner of the screen. Now, whenever you type the text replacement and then enter a space, the phrase will automatically be added to the app you’re typing in.

iPhone iOS16

5. Add Low Power Mode to Control Center:

Quickly access Low Power Mode right from Control Center. In Settings, tap Control Center, scroll down, and tap the Add button next to Low Power Mode. To open Control Center on an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen, or on an iPhone with Touch ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then tap the Low Power Mode button to turn it on.

iPhone iOS16 Features

6. Select Multiple Photos to Add to Other Apps:

Select multiple photos at the same time and add them to other apps with this Multi-Touch gesture. Touch and hold a photo until you feel a tap, and then drag it away a little while still holding it. With a different finger, tap another photo to add it to the stack.

You can select as many photos as you like. Once you’ve selected the photos, switch to the supported app you want to share to while still holding the stack, drag your finger where you want to add them, and lift your finger to drop them into the app.

Apple iPhone iOS16

7. Open Camera from the Lock Screen:

Need to take a picture quickly? You can swipe to open the camera on your iPhone without even having to unlock the screen. Just swipe left. Got it!

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Apple iPhone iOS16 Features

8. Translate Text Using Live Text:

Translate the world around you using Live Text. While using your iPhone camera, position the viewfinder over the text you want to translate and tap the Live Text button in the bottom-right corner of the viewfinder. Tap Translate in the bottom-left corner of the viewfinder and the text will automatically be translated to the language you have set for your iPhone.

iOS16 Features

9. Scan a Document:

Did you know that you can scan a document with the Notes app on your iPhone? In a note, tap the Camera button and tap Scan Documents. Position the document in the viewfinder and it will scan automatically. You can repeat the process again if you have additional pages to scan. Tap Save when you’re done. Thanks for the recipe, grandma!

iOS16 Update

10. Jump to Your First Photo:

In the Photos app, if you’re looking for the first photo in an album, library, or search results, you can quickly jump to the beginning of the view by tapping the top edge of your iPhone screen. Tap the tab for the view you’re in at the bottom of the screen to jump back to the most recent photo.

Mulitple Lock Screens iOS 16

11. Multiple Lock Screens:

When you pick up your iPhone, the Lock Screen is the first thing you see. You can use it to check the time and date. Watch for important notifications and start the camera to immediately snap the photo.

The new OS provides the biggest overhaul to the lock screen ever, and it’s just as much a space for personalization where so many of you add a photo to make the iPhone uniquely yours. Even while you have additional options, the new lock screen is still unmistakably iPhone while also being more customizable, attractive, and functional than ever.

Swiping is all it takes to test out several color-changing styles, as well as filters for the background and typeface. By adding widgets directly to the lock screen, you may also make the lock screen more functional.

These are also quite helpful for collecting information at a glance about forthcoming events on the calendar, current weather conditions, temperature, and other things.

Edit or Unsend Message iOS16

12. Edit and Unsend Messages:

Every day, hundreds of millions of people rely on Messages. Additionally, you can now amend and revoke any SMS messages without knowing the recipients. Typos can now be a thing of the past because you can amend any message you just sent. You can now easily recall a recent error thanks to the existence of undo send features.

So you may now update a message you’ve already sent for up to 15 minutes after you’ve sent it, type the message you really meant to send, and it will be delivered to the recipient again.

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Finally, you may designate any topic as unread right now. A great function if you need to leave a note for later but don’t have time to answer right away. The addition of all these features will significantly alter iMessage.

Live Activities iOS 16

13. Live Activities:

From your lock screen, Live Activities make it simpler to keep up with events that are taking place in real-time. We will be able to watch the NBA game and track your Uber journey or food delivery without having to unlock your iPhone thanks to Live Activities.

For many of us, listening to music is one of the most common pastimes. You may quickly expand the Now Playing controls to a full-screen view with this fantastic function.

Share Play iOS Update

14. SharePlay:

When it comes to sharing in real-time with others, SharePlay is one of the best features. It’s fantastic for sharing shared experiences with others when chatting on FaceTime. SharePlay is being used by so many apps to offer collaborative activities, such as reading bedtime stories with Better Sleep.

You can access all of these incredible SharePlay features when on a FaceTime conversation. You may launch any of your phone’s SharePlay-compatible apps with a single press.

Dictation iOS 16 Features

15. Dictation:

Dictation allows you to type simply by speaking, and it can be significantly faster than keyboard typing. For taking notes, conveying messages, and other purposes, dictation is extremely common. The All-New Dictation was created with your privacy in mind. Complete dictation can be done on a device.

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With the new on-device Dictation experience available with iOS 16, you can switch between voice and touch with ease. Voice and touch can be switched between with ease. You may even use touch to pick a text and substitute your voice for it simply by speaking.

Live Text in Video iOS16 Features

16. Live Text in Video:

Because Live Text is so well integrated across the entire operating system, you can interact with text in photographs anywhere on the system—from the Camera and Safari browser to Notes and Screenshots. Live Text in videos is also included in iOS 16.

You may now pause a video at any point and interact with the text in the same way that you can now with photographs. It’s excellent for copying snippets of code. Therefore, interpreting a foreign language and converting money is now just a tap away.

Visual Lookup Updates

17. Visual Look Up:

The Visual Look Up tool provides information about the items in your photographs by identifying things like people, places, fruits, animals, plants, and more. A new iOS 16 feature advances visual comprehension.

Now, you may touch long-press and figuratively lift on an image’s subject to copy it and paste it wherever you desire, including messaging and other places. As a result, it removes the backdrop, handles all the masking, and performs a pretty nice job for a background deletion that takes just one second.

Multistop Routing Updates iOS

18. Multistop Routing:

Up to 15 stops can now be planned in advance. You may now plan multi-stop routes on the Mac and send them to the iPhone when you are ready to leave because Maps will now save past routes in recent so they are simple to access.

Naturally, you can ask Siri to add more stops to your itinerary while you’re driving and safely keep your eyes on the road.

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My Sports iOS 16 New Features

19. My Sports:

In a brand-new section called My Sports, you can now follow your favorite teams and leagues to receive content from hundreds of publishers. For the main professional and collegiate sports leagues, you may also find highlights as well as scores, schedules, and standings.

The best plays from your favorite teams may be seen right in your news feed. This brand-new sporting event is uncharged. In the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, it will be accessible.

Family Sharing New Update

20. Family Sharing:

Families will love this new iOS 16 features and the full Apple ecosystem. You may share your favorite purchases and subscriptions, such as Apple, Music, iCloud+, Apple One, and many others, with up to five members of your family using Family Sharing.

Without having to purchase individual memberships or share an account, everyone receives personalized access to their preferred content. Additionally, if you live in a family with children, you can set up accounts just for them with built-in parental controls to help you keep an eye on their screen time or approve their purchases.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

21. iCloud Shared Photo Library:

As we all know, exchanging images with family is one of the things that everyone enjoys doing. The new function known as iCloud Shared Photo Library allows us to share photos that we have on our device that everyone in the family would like to have but nobody has access to all of them.

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You can even share photos automatically with its help. It’s a unique iCloud library where anybody can participate, work together on, and enjoy. One shared library that you can use with up to five other individuals is available to you.

Safety Check New Features

22. Safety Check:

With features like App Privacy Report, Mail Privacy Protection, App Tracking Transparency, and many more, Apple will continue to make every effort to safeguard its customers and users’ privacy. Passwords and access to devices are frequently shared between partners.

But in abusive situations, this can put one’s safety at risk and make it more difficult for victims to receive help. In the newly added Safety Check area of Settings, you may quickly examine and reset the access you’ve given others.

Apple Car Play

23. Car Play:

The way people connect with their cars has fundamentally altered because of Car Play, which is a better, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. In the US, more than 98 percent of autos have it.

The most recent CarPlay updates offer content for all of the driver’s screens, providing a uniform and consistent experience. It provides a simple way to use apps in the car. It displays all of the driving-related data you provide, including speed, RPMs, fuel level, temperature, and more.

Apple Personalized Spatial Audio

24. Personalized Spatial Audio:

With AirPod, they have also significantly improved spatial audio. In order to comprehend how sound interacts with your head’s and ears’ geometry, spatial audio was developed.

Additionally, iOS 16 features now allow you to create a customized Spatial Audio profile using the True Depth camera on your iPhone, making for an even more focused and immersive listening experience.

Live Captions in FaceTime

25. Live Captions in FaceTime:

View the automatic transcription of your FaceTime video calls conversation. Group talks are simple to follow along with when a speaker attribution is used.

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