5 Best iPhone Call Logger Apps in 2021

iPhone Call Logger

Keeping a log of all your calls is important, let it be outgoing or incoming calls you need to keep a record of it, to save yourself from any kind of future inconvenience.

Smartphones usually come with amazing in-built call logging features that will automatically keep a record of all your calls with ease.

However, if you own an iPhone and receive a lot of calls at once then you might have to consider using a call logger app.

Call logger apps are no less than a boon for older people who are not used to remembering, using a phone, and calling people often. These apps will also help in tracking names, numbers along with the call duration and call-time.

Although an iPhone can save up to 1000 calls, users can only see up to 100 calls, making it difficult to be able to track any old numbers and tracing them. Downloading the call logger apps will make tracing and sharing numbers simpler and easier.

Moreover, a few call logger apps will help you record vast call history, text messages, photos, call tracking, GPS location of anyone, and even allowing you to have access to an individual’s contacts.

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Logging calls will save you from the financial, legal, and emotional trouble of tracing names along with numbers or any similar use. Some of the best iPhone call logger apps for an iPhone in 2021 are mentioned below.

List of Best iPhone Call Logger Apps:

iphone call logger

1) Spyier:

Spyier is popular and considered to be one of the best call history tracking apps. It will keep a track of all your call logs, call history and help in end-to-end call history.

It comes with more than 30 diverse features and is available in more than 190 countries. You can also keep a log of your friend or family’s call logs, and also monitor your employee’s calls with clients.

The app is available on both, Android as well as IOS devices. It comes with a wide range of tools that will monitor your device with ease.

It has a user-friendly interface and will keep all your personal details safe. The app is feature-rich and is considered to be the best call logger apps for an iPhone.

  • By: Spyier
  • Website: https://spyier.com
  • License: Paid
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2) mSpy:

mSpy is a call-tracking app that will help you keep an eye on your loved ones. If you are someone who is worried about your children, or your older parents then the mSpy is the perfect iPhone call logger app to go for.

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It comes with commendable device monitoring features that will help you keep a track of an individual’s calls, texts, locations, and other installed apps with a single click.

It is safe to use and comes with a simple user-friendly interface. This device monitoring and call logging app will help you seek call history from your iPhone with a single tap. Moreover, the app can be easily used as it has easy-to-use tools.

  • By: mSpy
  • Website: www.mspy.com
  • License: Paid
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best iphone call logger apps

3) Cocospy:

Cocospy is another amazing alternative to a call logger application developed to help in tracking call history and calls on an IOS device. The app is popular and is available in more than 100 countries.

It will allow you to seek both, incoming and outgoing calls. You can monitor your children’s call logs, and retrieve any further call information with ease.

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Download the app, and then sign-up for free. All the required data will be available on your dashboard. Therefore, if you want to try something different and trustworthy then try Cocospy.

  • By: Cocospy
  • Website: www.cocospy.com
  • License: Paid
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4) Fami360:

Fami360 is a top-rated iOS call logger app ever developed for an iPhone. It is feature-rich and comes with a wide range of tools that will allow you to monitor any calls with ease.

Fami360 is one of the best call logger apps you will ever come across; it makes everything about tracking call history easy. The app is available on all IOS devices, and you can right away begin using it via your iCloud credentials.

  • By: Fami360
  • Website: https://fami360.com
  • License: Paid
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5) Spyic:

Another iPhone call logger app you might not want to miss out on is Spyic. It is a versatile app, available on all iOS devices. The app will allow you to have access to all call logs with the required call history, and with the help of different tools, you can use the app easily.

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Moreover, the app has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Spyic is a reliable, and safe-to-use call logger application.

  • By: Spyic
  • Website: https://spyic.com
  • License: Paid
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