Download Free Super Mario Game for Java Mobile Phone

The game describes the adventures of a plumber, name Mario who had already appeared in other previous video games, such as Donkey Kong and Mario Bros., and Luigi.

Through 8 different levels of games, players can control one of the two bros. and must finally face the corresponding levels of each world to the monsters of each castle to free Princess Peach.

Super Mario is one of the most famous game in the world of video games. Download jar version of Super Mario Bros game for any Java mobile phone including Nokia, Samsung, Lumia, LG, Motorola, even BlackBerry.

Mario Brothers are the most famous and iconic image of the Nintendo catalogue, and has also played number of official games till date, but the versions of Mario games that exist is uncountable.

Super Mario game has a childish and innocent point that makes it ideal for children. If you are looking to play Mario on your Java device just dawnload the game from the below given link. Once you downloaded then install the game on your device.

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Play Super Mario Bros games and enjoy again like a child jumping, collecting coins, while trying to protect your Princess. The game is officially available for iPhone iOS, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry and Java device.

If there is something we all or most of us have played is the classic Super Mario. The game of adventures of the man with moustache can be enjoyed in different devices and now it comes in a .jar version which supports any Java mobile device.

Mario for Java Mobile

Download Mario Game for Java Mobile:

The Nintendo game offers a variety of entertainment to its users, by making officially available all the Mario games for Java operating system. Most of the games are free of cost but for few we need to pay to download.

The latest version of Mario has been developed in an Android, iOS, and Windows version. Even many of his games have been still adapted with a same classic moustache character skin.

The jar version offered for Java mobile phone, has a variety of worlds and levels. The game has lots of possibility and great variability of features that will make it impossible for us to get bored with this game.

Super Mario Bros is available for all Java phones including Samsung, Motorola, Alcatel, BlackBerry, LG, Nokia (Nokia Lumia and Symbian series 40, 60, 80, etc).

Super Mario Game Series:

• Super Mario Land
• Super Mario World
• Super Mario Bros3
• Super Mario 64
• Super Mario Sunshine
• Super Mario Galaxy
• Super Mario Galaxy 2
• Other Mario Games.

Supported Java Mobile Devices (Keypad and Touch Screen):

• Nokia
Sony Ericson
Micromax and many more

File Name: Super Mario Java Game

File Type: .Jar

License: Free Download

Size: 2.85 MB

Category: Java Mobile Games

Publisher: Nintendo

Version: Jar and Jad (.jar and .jad)

OS: Java Operating System

Download Super Mario Game for Java Mobile

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