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Microsoft Family Safety app’s aim is to empower every person in the world to achieve more, and this includes kids and their families. We know that families have lots of things to worry about these days, including technology.

Microsoft has been working on a family safety application for a while across Xbox One and Windows 10, including a website where you can manage your options. Microsoft also believes that safely and responsibly using technology is fundamental for every child and adult to achieve their goals and dreams.

Today, Microsoft introduces the Family Safety app, for iOS and Android devices that helps you protect your family from various issues. It helps you find the right screen time as well as manage healthy digital habits. With this amazing app, you’ll get a summary of your child’s online activities on their devices that includes apps, games, browsing, and queries they searched for.

Microsoft Family Safety app also creates a safe place for Childs to explore online. With age rating options your kids will only have access to age-appropriate games and applications. To help your kids reach the goal, you must set a limit on the game to be one hour a day and after school hours.

The transparency provides to you and your kids facilitates dialogue so you can easily talk about online use. Whenever you notice your kids are spending too much time playing a game, you must stop them and make them understand, and ask them to follow the house rules.

You can also use web filters to block mature content on the Microsoft Edge browser. Those filters empower your kids to have fun and do more online. It also gives parents peace of mind to know that their kids are always safe and protected.

Many parents have been spending a lot of time at home lately. Knowing that their children are safe while out. With the Family Safety app, you can share your location with each other. Microsoft also working on advanced features, such as location alerts when your family members leave and arrive at your saved places, and driving safety reports for the whole family.

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Location-sharing features are available on both Android & iOS. Parents and children can manage those settings and receive notifications. Children can be protected with screen time and content filters across their Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and Android mobile devices.

Microsoft Family Safely App

Microsoft Family Safety App Key Features:

  • Set up parental control like app blocking, web controls, monitor communications, and more.
  • Apps and games are filters on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android devices.
  • Set an age limit that’ll filter out inappropriate apps, games, and media. Anything above that will need your approval.
  • Protect your loved ones by sharing each other locations. Location sharing must be enabled and active.
  • Mature websites are blocked, and search results are filtered to remove inappropriate videos, images, and text.
  • Your kids will need to ask before using apps and games rated above the age you choose.
  • Locate & stay connected with your family.
  • Limit apps & games screen time.
  • Build healthy digital habits.
  • Get details of weekly reports and activity summaries.

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How to Use Microsoft Family Safety App:

You can download the app from Play Store for free. After installing the app, you’ll be asked to create a family group or sign in if you already have one.

You can invite your family members and then follow the setup screens to review the permissions needed for certain features.

Download Details:

File Name: Microsoft Family Safety App

Download Size: 115 MB

OS: Android OS & iOS

License: Free Download

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Language: Multi-language

Rating: Excellent

Version: Latest Version

Category: Free Mobile Apps

Download Microsoft Family Safety App

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