Download Microsoft Windows 7 Hearts Card Game for PC

Microsoft Hearts card game is a popular and fast-paced card game for four players. In the Windows version, all three of your opponents are played by the computer. The objective of this game is the one who scores the least points wins.

Microsoft Hearts card game is played with 52 cards and your opponents will be your computer (East, West, and North). Each player receives thirteen cards at the start of the game.

Choose cards by clicking them. To change your mind, click a selected card again. You must play the suit led in each trick. The high card wins the trick. Try to avoid taking cards in the heart suit or the Queen of spades.

To start, select three cards you do not want, and then click the arrow to pass them to another player. Download and install this classic Microsoft Windows 7 hearts game on any Windows 10, 8.1, and 8 PC.

Windows uses the computer player system for hearts, in which one human player plays with three computers or virtual players. Hearts is an entertaining and fast game, in which the players have to think on their feet in order to win.

Microsoft Hearts is one of the highest played games across the globe mainly as it is installed by default on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and has no constraints for running in any particular configuration.

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Download Microsoft Hearts Card Game for PC

Microsoft Hearts Card Game Key Features:

• Scoring: Each heart suit consists of a single point. There is a special card which has 13 points queen of spades.

Take Tricks with High Cards: If you have to take a trick, use the higher of your cards to do it. You can use the lowest card in your hand to lead the next trick. Opening with the lowest card will keep your opponent from bend down the trick by playing a lower card. Ducking, or avoiding having to pick up cards, usually helps your opponents.

Don’t Pick up Hearts or the Queen of Spades: You only want them when you are trying to shoot the moon or trying to prevent someone else from shooting the moon.  Shoot the moon. A player who shoots the moon has collected all the hearts and the queen of spades. The other player automatically earns twenty-six points and your score left unchanged.

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Pass High Cards: On hands that begin by passing cards to an opponent, pass aces or face cards if you can.

Count Cards: Keep track of played cards—particularly the queen of spades—and whether hearts have been broken. That way, you know if an opponent might be preparing to shoot the moon.

Hold on to the Ace of Hearts: Almost no other card gives you so much control, especially over situations such as who shoots the moon.

Passing Left: Select any three cards you do not want and click the arrow button to pass them to the player on your left.

Play the Suit: You must play the suit that was led if you can and you must play a club or spade. You cannot lead a heart until hearts have been broken (played on another hand).

How to Play Microsoft Hearts Card Game on Windows PC:

1.Download the full version game from the below-given link and install Microsoft hearts game on Windows 10, 8.1, and 8 PC.

2. Each hand begins with passing 3 cards to the player on his left side before beginning the round. In the second and third rounds, 3 cards are passed to the player on the right and opposite sides respectively. No cards will be passed in the coming round. The game will follow this 4 round model throughout.

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3. The other players will have to play the same suit if it is available. If not, then any other card can be played.

4. The player who plays the highest card takes the points for that trick and that user has to begin the next trick. The cards are ranked by the hierarchy as ace to two.

5. The player cannot play any heart suit card until and unless one heart suit card is first played by the other players.

6. So, all the players basically try to pass off all the hearts in order to gain minimum points. The card game ends when a player reaches a hundred points and then the player with the least points wins.

File Size: 39 MB

File Type: .exe

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit)

License: Free

Language: English

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Category: Free Classic Card Game

Download Microsoft Hearts Card Game for Windows PC

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