Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows PC

Microsoft Security Essentials helps enhance the security and performance of your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials is continuously updated with new features and services.

It contains functionality that may identify certain files as suspicious. If you choose, files or information about them may be automatically sent to Microsoft for further analysis. Microsoft uses these files and information to identify new malware and improve protection.

Viruses, rootkits, and malware are dangerous files that are used to identify PUP or malicious software on your windows PC. These definitions are updated automatically, but you can also click update to get the latest versions whenever you want.

Once you download and install the Security Essentials you must restart your Windows PC, this may affect the performance of MS windows security essentials and other programs currently running on your computer.

It works great on Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) except Windows XP. If you are using Windows XP operating system you will get a PC status “Support for this operating system is ending. When this occurs MS Windows security essentials will no longer be supported and your PC might be unprotected.

To make sure your PC stays protected”. To complete the installation and make sure the Security Essentials is helping to protect your computer, restart your computer.

If you have other antivirus or anti-spyware programs installed on your Windows XP, Vista, or 7 PC, they may conflict with security essentials and prevent it from working properly.

Having multiple antivirus or anti-spyware programs may also cause severe performance issues on your computer. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove other antivirus and anti spyware apps before continuing with this wizard.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials Key Features:

Real-Time Protection: Turn on real-time protection alerts you when virus, spyware, or other potentially unwanted software attempts to install itself or run your computer. Select real-time protection options by monitoring file and program activity on your computer and scan all downloaded files and attachments.

Turn on Firewall: In order to optimize your Windows PC protection, you should use a firewall. If you do not have a firewall turned on, MSE antivirus can turn on Windows Firewall during this installation. Quarantined files remain disabled until you manually allow them or remove them.

Scan Archive and Removable Drives: MSE antivirus scan for malicious software and unwanted software in the contents of removable drives, such as USB flash drives, when running a full scan. MSE antivirus also scan for viruses, spyware, rootkits in archive files such as .ZIP, .RAR or .CAB files.

Create a System Restore Point: When you select this option, Microsoft Windows security essentials will create a system restore point on your computer on a daily basis before removing, running, and cleaning your MS Windows PC.

View the Full History Results: When you select this option, Microsoft Security Essentials will allow non-administrator users on this computer to view all the detected items in the history tab. (This shows the items that are usually hidden to protect user privacy.) You can view the item that were detected as potentially harmful and the actions that you took on them.

Send Files Samples Automatically: Automatically send samples to help Microsoft determine whether certain detected items are malicious. If a file is likely to contain personal information, you will be prompted before it is sent.

Scheduled Scan: You can run a scheduled scan on your Microsoft Windows PC. It will start the scheduled scan only when your PC is on but not in use. It will also check for the latest virus and spyware definitions before running a scheduled scan.

Excluded Files and Locations: Excluding certain files and locations can help speed up a scan, but may leave your computer less protected. To add multiple files and locations, use a semicolon to separate the entries in the text box.

Excluded File Types: You can exclude specific files types from a scan. Excluding items can make scans faster, but your PC might be less protected against the latest malware. To exclude multiple file extensions, separate the items with a semicolon (;).

Excluded Processes: When you add a process, any file that the process reads from or writes to will be excluded from a scan. This can make a scan faster, but your computer might be less protected against virus and malware. You should only add processes with the extension .exe, .com, .dmg, or .scr.

Microsoft Active Protection Service: If you use the Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) to automatically report malware and other forms of potentially unwanted software to Microsoft, MAPS can provide better protection for your PC.

You can choose to send basic or additional information about detected software. If a MAPS report (either Basic or Advanced) includes details about potentially unwanted software that this app may be able to remove, MAPS will download the latest signature to address it.

File Name: Microsoft Windows Security Essentials Antivirus Software

Download Size: 14.4 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)

License: Free Download

Language: Multi Language

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation


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Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows PC

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