Download Carrom Board Game for Java Mobile Phone (Nokia, Samsung, Itel)

Wondering how to play carrom on your old java mobile worry not! prepare yourself to play your favorite carom board game now on any java mobile phone whether you have Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, or Sony.

The origin of the carom is traced to India where other board games like chess, Ludo, Snake & Ladder also originated. The mini carrom board game is also equally exciting where you can play with another player or the cell phone.

The free carrom board game is available to download for any java keypad and screen touch mobile phone and play. It supports 240×320 mobile screen size and also supports various cell phone models such as Samsung (keypad or touch screen), Nokia (Symbian) LG, Motorola, Alcatel, BlackBerry, Sony Ericson, etc.

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Download Carrom for Java Mobile

Carron Board Game Rules?

Java mini carrom board game is played on the board using small disks called carom men, also called coins. They come in nine black, nine white and one red in color, which is called the Queen, and a larger, heavier disc called the Striker, also known as carrom men used to pot the coins.

In this free mini carom board game, you can play against your genius mobile or with another player. The main object of the game is to pot all nine coins before your opponent, while also pocketing and covering the queen for bonus points.

The queen is the most powerful disk and is placed at the center of the circle. When the player misses the shot it becomes their opponent’s turn, and that player then proceeds to try to knock a coin into a pocket so he can have an opportunity to acquire points by potting a queen.

Its purpose is to bring a couple of coins into play and to make your opponent’s shot as difficult as possible. The game profits in this manner until all the coins are pocketed, leaving just a red coin (Queen) on the board.

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The player who pots the queen has to follow it by pocketing a disk of their own. One who completes first wins the game. Just about every carrom professional breaks off this way. Play it in the full-screen mode.

Carrom Board Game for Java Phone

How to Play Carrom on Java Mobile Phone?

Use the striker with a flick of the finger to drive the carrom men into any of the 4 corner pockets. The most common game variants – including the official tournament rules are:

  • You must use the striker to hit and pocket the coins.
  • You cannot hit or move the coins directly.
  • You can only hit the striker from your side of the board.
  • The striker can be hit only when it is touching both lines on your side of the board.
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Download Details:

File Name: Mini Carrom Game for Java Mobile

Download Size: 143 KB

File Type: .JAR Format

Models: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, and Sony (Keypad and Screen Touch)

License: Free Download

Screen Size: 240X320, 320X240, 128X128, 240X460

OS: JAR and JAD Java-Based Operating System

Publisher: Nextwave Multimedia

Language: English

Rating: Excellent

Version: Latest Version

Category: Java Games

Download Mini Carrom Game for Java Mobile Phone

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