10 Apps You Must Install First on Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile

I know there is a lot of information with regard to the type of apps you must install on your Samsung Galaxy, and you might be a little confused by now. There is no denying that these various advice, tips, and suggestions regarding how to use your own phone in a better way are all over the internet.

But there is one thing you must know, with the Samsung Galaxy you are holding one of the most powerful Android devices of all time. You must make sure you use your phone to its fullest and take advantage of its unique and incredible features.

There are a lot of differences between the previous Galaxy devices and the Galaxy. The smartphone is made for everyone; be an artist or a vlogger you can create anything using its in-built features to make your talent stand out in the crowd.

There are also pre-installed apps but I’m sure you might know already by now, that not all of them are note-worthy of investment. There are numerous apps in the market that will enhance the performance of your Samsung Galaxy Note and other models with ease.

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Here is a list of apps you must install first on your Samsung Galaxy Note:

Samsung Sound Assistant App

1. Sound Assistant:

If you are someone who loves to customize their audio experience then the Sound Assistant app is your savior. The app is developed by Samsung and allows you to adjust different aspects of sound UI.

Moreover, you can completely customize your sound experience with its tools and various features. With this app, you can add an equalizer to your volume panel and adjust the number of volume presses by locking the same.

SoundAssistant app allows you to create and control personalized sound settings. You can add apps to change the volume of the apps individually and you can also choose which app can play audio at the same time as other apps with the Multi Sound feature.

You can also choose an app to play its sound simultaneously with another app. Use your speakers or headphones to play the app’s sound separately from the rest of your Samsung Galaxy phone. Isn’t that interesting?

Download SoundAssistant App

Samsung Good Lock App

2. Good Lock:

Good Lock is one of the best first-party apps available in the market. The app comes with a wide range of tools, features, and other apps that will allow you to change or customize the operating system with ease.

The app contains different apps that offer numerous features for your Samsung Galaxy phone. The personalization theme and tools are something one must not miss out on. It is a must-try app for any Samsung Galaxy user.

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Samsung Good Lock app is another useful app to personalize the appearance of your Galaxy smartphone. The app was first launched in 2018 and it gives a lot of handy features that are actually not available in the stock One UI.

GoodLock is a Samsung-only app with a variety of modules and widgets for customizing the UI. If you own a Galaxy handset, it is an essential app for you. It provides levels of customization that most users can only imagine.

Download Good Lock App

Samsung VLC Player App

3. VLC for Android:

Samsung Galaxy is a powerful smartphone that can record videos in 8k. These videos will require a video player that will give you a memorable experience of viewing. The in-built video player had limited features.

The VLC media player is one of the best video players for any Android device. It supports 8k videos and also has a native casting support option. With this app, you can watch any video on a larger screen with the help of Chromecast and Nvidia.

One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy is that it will help you in streaming high-quality videos with ease. But the audio might be a turn-off in some cases as it is limited. This is why you will need VLC it will give you incredible audio and video quality that will max out your Samsung Galaxy device.

With VLC, you will also be able to stream high-quality video along with an audio quality that will enhance your watching experience. The VLC media player plays everything, it supports all video and audio formats.

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VLC is a fully open-source and free app with no advertisements, and no in-app purchases, and above all you can install this app from old to new, all Android OS versions are supported.

There are many reasons to download and install the VLC player on your Samsung Galaxy as it has a media library for video as well as audio, it supports, auto-rotation supports multiple video formats and many more.

Download VLC Player App

EdgeTouch Samsung App

4. Edge Touch:

The Samsung Galaxy comes with curved edges that are prone to mids-touch or accidental touches. The Edge Touch will allow you to create zones along with the side edges that will not register the same as touches.

With Edge Touch, you can easily customize the edge zone of your device which is a restricted touch zone to prevent unintended screen touch. You can adjust the insensitive zone. Content in the insensitive zone won’t be touched.

You can also touch the grip zone by touching the screen. You can easily adjust the grip zone. Content on the grip zone won’t be touched when the phone is held. It is a must-try app with beneficial features.

Download EdgeTouch App

Samsung Voice Recorder App

5. Samsung Voice Recorder:

If you are someone who finds recordings or voice notes as a faster alternative to taking notes then Samsung Voice Recorder is the right choice to go for. The app can transcribe a real-time memo into a recording of 10 minutes.

Samsung Voice Recorder app is the best app to record the sound around you. The app also has a wide range of features allowing you to adjust your recordings, play recordings quickly in list view, and edit and delete your recordings.

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The speech-to-text feature in the app allows you to convert voice to text. This option works best in a silent environment and converts the speech of audio to text for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Download Voice Recorder App

PDF Reader App

6. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader:

We live in a world where most of our official tasks are completed digitally. From signing official documents to editing these, gadgets have made everything easier. The Adobe Reader will help you edit and sign any official forms easily. You don’t need to print forms, sign, and scan them again.

With Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader you can easily fill out the forms and sign on your Samsung Galaxy mobile screen. Work with your docs on the go? The liquid mode makes reading easier. A complete mobile PDF solution with more than 600 million users worldwide.

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Download the most trusted PDF reader and editor. Save all your documents online and view PDF anywhere, print directly from your Android device with Adobe mobile application. Just download, install, and use it for free.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader comes with various good features such as exporting PDFs to Microsoft Word or Excel. Access files from your device or the cloud. Get a link to share files with others. One place to manage all your documents and tasks. Quickly view and annotate PDFs.

Download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader App

Samsung Photoshop App

7. Adobe Photoshop:

If you are someone who loves editing and getting creative with your photos or videos then download Adobe Photoshop Express. It has amazing editing tools and is considered to be one of the best photo editing apps on the market.

You can use your creativity, and skills and use these apps to make videos a lot better. Combine multiple images to create a collage, bring out the hidden details in your images, make your dull pictures look great, create texts, add captions, etc.

Choose from more than 60 professional looks, remove unwanted elements from your pic, correct your Red eye, and more with Adobe Photoshop Express. Download Photoshop Express the all-in-one photo editor to design collages, make stickers, and edit pictures.

Download Adobe Photoshop App

Samsung Notes App

8. Samsung Notes:

Samsung Notes is another must-have application for your Samsung Galaxy Android mobile phone and tablet. It allows you to write and draw anything with Samsung S Pen. The app also supports PDFs, various paper sizes, and types.

Samsung Notes offers various features that are supporting different pressures, making lines, and press. With this amazing application, you can easily make notes, and add images with footnotes, and voice recordings. Furthermore, you can also share notes easily on your social media profiles.

Samsung Notes is a great app for taking any kind of notes, such as to-do lists, reading, shopping lists, etc. You can have numerous lists open at the same time and access them fast by simply tapping the thumbnail of the list you wish to view or modify. This is a must-have application for everyone.

Download Samsung Notes App

Samsung Flow App

9. Samsung Flow:

Last but not least Samsung Flow is another essential app that allows you to have a consistent, safe, and connected experience across all devices. You can use the Mobile Hotspot feature on your smartphone to keep your PC or laptop connected.

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Check your phone notifications on your PC, reply to them right away, play amazing games, chat on Whatsapp, and more. Now use your phone on your PC because you can. Share links and content between your phone and PC.

Download, install, and use the Samsung Flow app on your Android mobile phone or tablet to authenticate your PC, exchange content, and sync notifications directly from your phone to your laptop or PC. Windows 10 users can install the app from the Microsoft App Store.

Download Samsung Flow App

AutoHz App10. AutoHz:

You might already know that the Galaxy Note has a 120 Hz display and the AutoHz app will give you smoother transitions and animations when supported. The screen will display 120 frames, and give you a better overall gaming experience.

Auto mode will follow the system’s default and dynamically switch between 60Hz and 120 Hz. 60Hz mode will force the display to enter 60 Hz hence saving power. Use this option for apps that don’t require 120 Hz such as video players and games.

120 Hz mode will override the system’s default and force the display to be on 120 Hz. Use this option when the default mode unwantedly switches to 60 Hz. Auto Hz game will give a few games, complete render, and glorious display even in mobile mode. So try this app and let us know about your experience!

Download AutoHz App

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