Download Narnia Game for Java Mobile Phone (Nokia, Samsung)

For those who like Narnia movies like this, I am sure they like the Narnia java game too. Narnia is a fantasy and action-adventure game made for kids. The game was based on the movie of the same.

The gameplay and the story are excellent and the graphics have well-developed textures, the missions are not without difficulty, and you can handle many different characters.

The objective of the game is to guide the children through the enchanted and wintery land of Narnia as they fight to end the rule of the evil White Witch with the help of Aslan, the lion and real king of Narnia.

Experience the fantasy land of Narnia. In it you will find a number of adventures and dangers until you manage to defeat an evil witch, thus breaking the spell that is destroying their world.

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Download and play in Nokia (S40, Symbian & Asha), Motorola, Samsung (keypad or touch screen), LG, HTC, Huwaei, Itel, Tecno, BlackBerry, and other java mobile phones.

Narnia Java Game

Narnia Java Game Key Features:

Coins: Collect the coins in the game to earn the best possible rank on every level.

Red Potion: Recover half of your health gauge.

Blue Potion: Fully recover your magic gauge.

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Pushing & Dragging Boxes: Press 5 to hold a box and press 2, 4, 6, and 8 to move it.

Aslan’s Face: When you cross Aslan’s Face, your game will be saved.

Free Play: Choose a free play in the main menu to replay a level you’ve already completed. Your progress will not be saved at this level.

Hard Mode: Clear the game once to unlock hard mode.

Java Mobile Keypad Control:

  • 4/6 Key: Move Left/Right
  • 2/8 Key: Move Up/Down
  • 5 Key: Attack
  • 0 Key: Special Attack
  • 1 Key: Move Left & Up
  • 3 Key: Move Right & Up
  • 7 Key: Move Left & Down
  • 9 Key: Move Right & Up
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Download Details:

File Name: Narnia Java Game

Download Size: 3.69 KB

File Type: JAR or JAD

Devices: Nokia (Symbian & Asha), Motorola, Samsung (keypad or touch screen), LG, BlackBerry, Huawei, Itel, Tecno, etc.

Screen Resolution: 320×240

License: Free Download

OS: Java

Language: English

Publisher: Gameloft

Rating: Excellent

Category: Java Mobile Games

Download Narnia Game for Java Mobile

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