29 Best Offline Games for iPhone

Being an online game player, you often get irritated by online games, as sometimes the game gets hang, or your mobile data gets completely consumed while playing online games.

So, don’t get annoyed or irritated over these situations as you can also play exciting wonderful games in offline mode on your iPhone.

Worrying about choosing games that you can play in offline mode on your iPhone? You should try any of these 29 amazing and exciting games on your iPhone.

Since these games are available in offline mode, you will never get bored in your spare time. Don’t worry! Here is your guide. Let’s get started!

Offline iPhone Games


1. Plant vs Zombies 2:

Plants vs Zombies 2 is one of the most popular free-to-play video games. It was developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts.

Battle through 11 crazy worlds plays daily piñata parties and mini-games. Collect 100s of plant hotshots, level up for powerful wins, and challenge other players.

It is a tower defense video game. It’s an adventurous game and it has 300 levels and 11 crazy worlds. You can have it for free.

By: Electronic Arts Inc.

License: Free

Download Plant vs Zombies 2 Game

2. Solitaire:

All of you must have played this game once. It is a traditional patience card game. In order to win solitaire, you must get all the cards onto the foundation piles.

The foundations are ordered by suit and rank, each Foundation has one suit and you must put the cards onto them in the order: ‘Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King’.

Uncover and bring more cards into play by clearing columns and overturning cards deeper within the columns. The more cards in play, the more moves you have, and the lower your chances of stalled runs.

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By: MobilityWare

License: Free

Download Solitaire Game

3. Temple Run 2:

You must have played this game many times. It’s a perfect game to pass your spare time in offline mode. It’s a Run or Dies game.

No wonder that Temple Run 2 is also a big success. Temple Run 2 offers more variety, more tension that makes playing more intense.

In Temple Run 2 the upgrades screen gives you an overview of the characters you can play in the game.

With each character, you can tap ‘Powerups’ and ‘Abilities’. Powerups are items that you can put in while playing.

With the coins you collect, you can buy items that are very useful in the game. In addition, it is possible to buy new characters with the coins you collect.

Each character you can play has its own specialties. It’s up to you to estimate which character you should use when.

By: Imangi Studios

License: Free

Download Temple Run 2 Game

4. Table Tennis Touch:

Like table tennis? Go and download this amazing Ping Pong game! It’s an awesome arcade game. Play with your family & friends in multiplayer mode.

Impressive graphics, easy controls, interesting gameplay, and multiple modes have made this Tennis game so popular and successful.

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By: Yakuto

License: Free

Download Table Tennis Game

5. Hill Climb Racing 2:

This is also a well-known game worldwide. It’s an interesting and thrilling game full of different kinds of cars and motorbikes to climb the hill.

Race across dozens of cups & tracks. Unlock & upgrade crazy vehicles and form the ultimate racing team. You can also customize your looks now or play the classic adventure mode.

By: Fingersoft

License: Free

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 Game

6. Wordscapes:

Do word puzzles excite you? Then this is your match! It’s a brain challenging crossword game.

Play Wordscapes to sharpen your mind. Choose your theme and beautiful sceneries. Challenge yourself today.

The text twist of a word game improves your vocabulary too. Download this amazing game and enjoy modern crossword puzzles.

By: PeopleFun, Inc.

License: Free

Download Wordscapes Game

7. Asphalt 9: Legends:

Love racing games? This is your game! Experience this thrilling game in offline mode too.

Asphalt 9: Legends is a racing video game. You can drive some of the world’s fastest cars and drive through various platforms.

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By: Gameloft

License: Free

Download Asphalt 9: Legends Game

8. Criminal Case:

Are you smart enough to solve murder mysteries? If yes, then download this super exciting game.

It’s a detective game. It aims to find hidden objects to solve the mystery of cases, in order to find the criminal. It’s an interesting puzzle game published by Pretty Simple.

You can investigate 100s of crime scenes, examine the clues found in the crime scenes.

You can also analyze the clues in the lab and even interrogate any suspect or witness. Your goal is to find the killer and solve the case.

By: Pretty Simple

License: Free

Download Criminal Case Game

9. Texas Holdem Offline Poker:

It’s a card game and your love for cards is never-ending! Texas hold’em is one of the most common variants of the poker.

By: The Othernet, LLC

License: Free

Download Offline Poker Texas Holdem Game

10. Zig Zag:

It is an interesting arcade game; developed by Ketchapp. You need to try not to fall off the edges of zigzags.

By: Ketchapp

License: Free

Download Zig Zag Game

11. Crossy Road:

It is an arcade game, developed and published by Hipster Whale. This games a complete fun. You can easily spend your spare hours over here.

By: Hipster Whale

License: Free

Download Crossy Road Game

12. Badland:

It’s a puzzle game. It challenges you to pass through a world of dangerous traps and hazards.

By: Frogmind

License: Free

Download Badland Game

13. Dragon Mania Legends:

It is developed by Gameloft. It is an animal fantasy game. Dragon Mania is a simulator game where you try to collect all available types of dragons. You can build and raise dragons of many different species.

By: Gameloft SE

License: Free

Download Dragon Mania Legends Game

14. Pocket Run Pool:

It is an arcade game, developed by Zach Gage. It is a thrilling game that at the starting gives you are given 3 lives.

If you accidentally fall your own ball or don’t fall anything during one of your turns you lose a life.

Each of the 6 pockets is named as (x1, x2, x4, x6, x8, x10), which depicts how many points you will obtain if you fall a ball in that pocket.

By: Noodlecake Studios Inc

License: Free

Download Pocket Run Pool Game

15. Dream League Soccer:

Love football? Then try Dream League Soccer. It is developed and published by First Touch Games.

Dream League has a full 3D-motion captured player moves. You can build your own Dream League Soccer team and take your players to the fields.

By: First Touch Games Ltd.

License: Free

Download Dream League Soccer Game

16. Fashion Design World:

Wanted to become a fashion designer? First, try your skills here. You can have your own Fashion Store here. In this game can create the clothes, put them on the stands, and may try to sell them.

You can decorate your stores, manufacture your clothing line, hire your sales staff, get ready for the fashion show, and can even send gifts to neighbors.

By: Nanobit Ltd.

License: Free

Download Fashion Design World Game

17. Shadow Fight 2:

As the name suggests it is a fighting game, developed & published by Nekki. The player can play only up to 5 fights before their energy must be replenished.

By: Nekki Games

License: Free

Download Shadow Fight 2 Game

18. Jumbline 2:

This is also a word puzzle game, developed by Brainium. Jumbline 2 is perfect for fan’s text twisters. The game is available in both single and multiplayer mode.

By: Brainium Studios

License: Free

Download Jumbline 2 Game

19. Alto’s Odyssey:

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless runner adventure game. It is a follow-up to the extremely growing Alto’s Adventure. It was developed by Team Alto.

By: Team Alto

License: Free

Download Alto’s Odyssey Game

20. Hungry Shark Evolution:

Want to control a hungry Shark? Try this game! It is an action-adventure game, developed by Future Games of London Ltd.

By: Ubisoft Entertainment

License: Free

Download Hungry Shark Evolution Game

21. Quizoid:

Want to test your general knowledge? Opt for this game. It is a general knowledge game. This game is best for long car trips, social gatherings, or family fun nights. It was developed by Trivia.

By: Richard Raue

License: Free

Download Quizoid: Offline Trivia Quiz Game

22. Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja, the most popular fruit-slicing game in the world! It was developed by Halfbrick. The game is available in both single and multiplayer mode.

By: Halfbrick Studios

License: Free

Download Fruit Ninja Game

23. Smurfs’ Village:

Love Smurfs? This is your game! Smurfs’ Village is a free social game, published by PopReach Incorporated.

By: PopReach Incorporated

License: Free

Download Smurfs’ Village Game

24. Real Racing 3:

Obsession for racing can never end! This another amazing racing game. It is a racing game, developed by Electronic Arts.

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By: Electronic Arts

License: Free

Download Real Racing 3 Game

25. Bakery Town:

Loves baking? Download this fantastic game. It is an adventure game.

You can connect with your friends via Facebook or Game Center, and you can share your accomplishments, send them gifts.

By: Nonobit Ltd.

License: Free

Download Bakery Town Game

26. Mini Metro:

It is a puzzle game. It has a wonderful interface. Mini Metro lets you build your own mass transit system.

By: Dinosaur Polo Club Limited

License: Paid

Download Mini Metro Game

27. Jetpack Joyride:

Fond of action games? You may opt for this game. It is an endless running action video game developed by Halfbrick Studios. It is available only in single-player mode.

By: Halfbrick Studios

License: Free

Download Jetpack Joyride Game

28. Ticket to Ride:

Rides can never disappoint us! Download this amazing adventure game and enjoy your rides. Ticket to Ride is a series of games developed by Alan R. Moon.

By: Asmodee Digital

License: Paid

Download Ticket to Ride Game

29. 4 Pics 1 Word:

It’s an interesting puzzle or word game, developed by RedSpell. In this game, you will see 4 pics that have a common 1 word.

The game is available in both single and multiplayer mode. You need to have an amazing memory and consciousness while playing the game.


License: Free

Download 4 Pics 1 Word Game

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