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Opera is one of the best desktop & mobile browsers on the web, it’s faster, smoother, and easier to use. Browse the web with lightning speed, using the fastest browser ever. It supports technologies that enable sophisticated web apps and multiplayer games.

Choose from hundreds of skins, add or remove buttons, and toolbars, or change the entire layout. Once you become familiar with the basic functions of the Opera desktop browser, you can customize it in many different ways to suit your personal tastes, needs, and habits.

Opera offers significant improvements to the browser engine, providing a faster and more stable internet experience. Enjoy improved website compatibility, faster page loading, and a higher level of overall stability when browsing.

Download Opera Browser

Opera supports all common web standards and implements them according to the official recommendations. Opera Widgets are apps that provide handy functions such as showing the weather, quickly looking up information, or providing entertainment and games.

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There are many Opera Widgets available, and they run directly on the desktop, so they keep running even if you close your browser. A beautiful look and feel with intuitive features complement your web browsing experience. Boost your speed with our powerful servers to compress web pages, so you get them faster.

The Opera browser features up-to-the-minute information from leading security agencies on exploits, viruses, and phishing scams. When you visit sites on the web, it checks this data in real time and warns you when a site is identified as dangerous. Download Opera for a better and faster Internet experience.

Opera Web Browser

Opera Web Browser Key Features:

• Faster: Time is precious. Opera compresses pages by up to 90% before being sent to your PC, meaning faster page-load times than in other web browsers.

• Sync: Opera lets you synchronize data of your choice online or among different computers and devices. Synchronize your Speed Dial, bookmarks, custom searches, history, and notes between your work and home computers; take your bookmarks with you on your phone.

• Messenger: Chat with your friends and family and browse at the same time using Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

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• My Flow: My Flow is your personal space for links, videos, images, and notes that you want to have on your computer and phone at the same time.

• Ad Blocker: Block ads and surf the web up to three times faster. EasyList, EasyPrivacy, and NoCoin lists are loaded anonymously via All other lists are loaded directly from external sources.

• VPN: VPN (Virtual private network) connects to web pages through various servers around the globe, so your internet connection speed might be affected.

Opera Browser Features

• Personalize Opera: Opera is easily customizable. Choose among hundreds of skins and setups, add or remove buttons and toolbars, or change the entire layout of the browser. It is easy to do or undo.

• Speed Dial: Preview your favorite sites every time you open a new tab and open them with a click. Choose the layout and the background you prefer and add handy extensions that can show useful live information.

• Instant Search: Browse several Web sites at the same time, while easily jumping from one to another. Search the internet and find all your tabs and windows faster.

• Security: Not all web pages are safe what they say they are. Opera’s malware and virus protection alerts you about suspicious websites. Stay safe with opera fraud and malware protection.

• Bookmarks: Give your bookmarks easy-to-remember names or group them into folders to help manage your bookmarks as your collection grows.

• Opera Turbo: Opera Turbo uses compression technology that boosts your webpage download speed on limited-bandwidth connections — for example, when using a crowded Wi-Fi connection in a cafe or a slow dial-up modem.

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Download Details:

File Name: Opera Web Browser

Download Size: 1.87 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 (32-bit & 64-bit)

License: Free Download

Language: Multiple Languages

Publisher: Opera Software

Rating: Excellent

Version: Latest Version

Category: Free Web Browsers

Download Opera Web Browser for Windows PC

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