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Picasa is free software that you can download from Google to help you: find and organize all your photos on your Mac computer. Edit and add effects to your photos with just a few clicks.

Share your photos with others via email, print, and web. It’s fast, convenient, and completely free. Use Google’s Picasa to further process your photos.

In order to universalize access to software and compete with one of its biggest rivals, Google created the native Picasa application for Mac OS X with support for more than 30 languages.

If you want to change the language you must go to the Picasa menu, and select System Preferences, International, a tab with all the languages ​​will be opened, and select the one you want.

Mac OS users have the possibility to install the Picasa software without any problem. This update offers a new display of the albums, modified and fixed bugs, and a slideshow of photos.

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Picasa photo editor is available for free. You can easily download the latest version from the below-given link and start using the software today. You can also download the Picasa app for Windows PC from here.

Download Picasa for Mac

Picasa Photo Viewer Key Features:

How to Upload Photos to Picasa?

This is a very simple and intuitive procedure, after you have installed the software on your Mac PC, it starts to search for the photos you have on your computer.

In case you do not want to perform the automatic search, you must cancel and specify the folder you want the program to select. This function is recommended to do it with the “Import” button.

Create Photo Album in Picasa:

You could say that this is one of the most basic and simple functions to perform in Picasa. This is because the interface created by Google is very intuitive and character 2.0.

If you want to create an album with photos that are in different places just select them and enter them in Photo Tray, then select the option “Add selected items” and select the new album.

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Upload Movies to Picasa:

Another of the many functions offered by Picasa is to make movies with the photos that are stored. This is a fun and simple way to make and edit movies from your photos.

In the first instance, select the photos with which you are going to create the movie. Then click on the “Movie” button, the menu provides functions such as, adding text, setting the size and tempos, inserting new photos, etc.

Add Folders to Your Picasa Library:

Picasa can monitor folders on your computer to keep your photo library updated automatically. You must tell Picasa which folders you want it to watch for new pictures in if you didn’t add all the desired folders when you installed the program.

Export Photos to a Folder:

Picasa’s export tool lets you save a copy of your photos to a location on your hard drive. It creates a duplicate copy separate from the one that already exists. Follow the instructions to export your photos. You may use the “Next” and “Previous” buttons to navigate.

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Burn a DVD:

You can create a DVD containing pictures from Picasa. You must have a DVD burner on your computer to do this. The disc created will play on most DVD players. Optionally, you can include a slideshow or a copy of Picasa on the DVD, to be used with a computer rather than a DVD player.

Download Details:

File Name: Picasa Photo Viewer

Download Size: 45 MB

License: Free Download

File Type: .dmg

OS: macOS, Mac OS X, iMac, Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro

Language: Supports 30+ languages

Publisher: Google Inc.

Version: Latest Version

Category: Photo Editing

Download Picasa Photo Viewer for Mac

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