Download 3D Pool Game for Windows PC (3D Gameplay)

Looking to bring the excitement and challenge of the pool hall into your own home? Look no further than the 3D Pool Game for PC.

This virtual version of the classic game offers an immersive and realistic experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end. With 3D graphics and smooth gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the action, lining up your shots and sinking those balls.

Whether you’re a seasoned pool player or a beginner looking to learn the ropes, this game caters to all skill levels with various game modes and difficulty settings. Challenge yourself with increasingly difficult opponents or invite your friends for a friendly game – the choice is yours!

Many people get confused with pool and snooker. In snooker, we use 15 pink balls without numbers, along with 6 object balls with numbers. On the other hand, the pool is played on a table with 6 pockets, using 9 to 15 object balls. Many people even compare pool with carrom game.

This 3D pool game for Windows PC supports 15 balls, time trial, and matrix mode. With the demo version, you can only play 15 ball games (single/two players) and time trial games. The matrix mode feature is not available in the demo version. Download and play this amazing 3d pool game on any Windows PC 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

3D Pool Game

3D Pool Game Modes:

1. Time Trial Mode:

Pot as many balls as you can before the time runs out and when you finish a rack within the time limit, you will get a new rack with 15 more balls to the pot. For each ball potted, you will get a bonus time of 10 seconds multiplied by your multiplier. A multiplier is a number that depends upon the back-to-back (continuously potted) balls you pot between 1 to 6.

Suppose you potted 4 balls at a time then your multiplier will be increased by 3. Then there is an infinite possibility of a multiplier number and it directly affects your final score. If you miss a shot then you will lose 0.2 from the multiplier. And if your cue ball is potted then you will lose 0.5 from the multiplier.

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Every ball has its own score of 250 and suppose your multiplier is 4 then you will get 1000 points. And if your multiplier is 1 then you will get 250 points. The main motto should be to achieve the highest number of a multiplier, and then you will get a higher score with every pot. Potting the cue ball at any point in time will cause you 10 10-second loss from your whole time multiplied by the multiplier.

2. Matrix Mode:

In matrix mode, you have 15 balls. Here each ball number is important. Every potted ball will multiply or divide the score. If your current potted ball number is greater than your previous one then your score will be multiplied by the difference between these two balls.

If your current ball is smaller than your previous potted ball then your score will be divided by the current ball number. On the top of the screen, you have 15 slots for 15 balls, where you can monitor your activity. And another exciting thing in this mode is, that you pot 1 to 15 continuously then your final score will be ‘T’, which is the achievement of this mode.

3. 15 Ball (single/two-player) Mode:

This is a two-player mode, where you can compete against your friend. Here you both have your own turn to pot the balls. According to the number of balls from 1 to 15, you will get the score. A higher ball number will give you a higher score. If you pot a ball then your turn remains with you. If you missed a shot the turn automatically goes to your opponent.

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Here in this mode, both players have 3 lives. And if you pot the cue ball then you will lose 1 life, in the end, the player with the higher score wins. If you lost your 3 life then you will lose the game. If you win a rack then you will gain 2 more life for the next rack.

Download Pool Game for PC

3D Pool Game Key Features:

What sets this pool game for PC apart is its attention to detail and customization options. From the design of your pool cue to the table you’re playing on, you have the ability to personalize your gaming experience. Showcase your style and make the game truly your own.

It can be very difficult for a beginner to play a pool game. But playing pool games on a Windows PC will be easy and fun. So, grab your cue and get ready to break, as this pool game for PC promises hours of fun and excitement for pool enthusiasts and gamers alike.

3D Pool Game PC Controls:

  • Mouse Cursor: Move your mouse cursor to a target cue ball
  • Mouse Left Button: Double-click to take a shot
  • H Key: Hold H key for help
  • C Key: Change Camera
  • G Key: Toggle Guide
  • N Key: Show Ball Numbers (Matrix and 15 Ball Mode)
  • ESC Key: Press ESC to pause or resume the game

Download Details:

File Name: 3D Pool Game for PC

Download Size: 05 MB

File Type: .RAR

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Demo Version

Language: English


Publisher: Eivaa Games

Version: Latest Version

Category: PC Games

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