RecordCast: The Free Online Screen Recorder for PC

A long time ago, we wanted to share a quick screen recorder with our users. But when we tried to record it with our usual screen recorder, it took forever to download the software.

The next day, we looked for a new screen recorder. We found one but had to pay for the PRO version. It was a bit expensive though, so we didn’t buy it. Instead, we looked for a new screen recorder. That was when we found RecordCast.

If you want to record your screen, webcam, or your own voice, there are plenty of options out there, from free and open-source screen recorder attempts like OBS or OpenShot to more traditional paid options like CamStudio or Screencaster.

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Then there is a screen recorder dedicated specifically to screen recording, as RecordCast. RecordCast is a free online screen recorder that records your entire screen, application’s screen, or just a few browser tabs: no lag, no video lag, no watermark, and with a single click of a button. Try it now!

ScreenCast Online Screen Recorder

Why Recordcast is the Fastest Option to Record Your Screen?

Whether you are doing a tutorial, a walkthrough, or a personal video, RecordCast is the fastest and easiest way to record your screen from the browser with no watermark. You absolutely do NOT have to install anything!

In addition, RecordCast is a free online screen recorder, and you can do much more than record your screen: You can change the size of your screen recordings to adapt them to any social media platform: YouTube, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Snapchat and more.

How Does RecordCast Free Online Screen Recorder Work?

It is simply a standalone application. Take advantage of the screen capture functions of your device. You have full control over what you record.

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  • The first step is to access
  • Click the “start recording” button.
  • Choose the screen format you want to record with.
  • There are three options available: Screen and webcam; Webcam only; Screen only.
  • Select an audio recording option, such as Microphone and system audio; Microphone; System audio; No audio.
  • Choose the page you would like to record.
  • To finish recording, press the red stopping button.
  • Once the video recording is finished, there are two interesting options: re-record the screen; download, and edit the video.

You can edit the video content at any time with the full version screen recording software RecordCast. It is also possible to add more images and videos to the same editor, among other elements.

RecordCast Features:

RecordCast has been around since 2020. Perhaps one of the best features of RecordCast is its ability to record video, audio, or a combination of both, and then download all those recordings or edit them with a built-in video editor. This makes RecordCast a great option for anyone taking notes or recording meetings.

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This is a summary of RecordCast’s outstanding features.

  • 100% free & no watermark.
  • No sign-up is required.
  • With RecordCast, you can record your screen with one click.
  • You can use RecordCast on your desktop or laptop PC to record your screen.
  • Record your screen with a high-definition webcam and voice-over or audio.
  • You can edit your video (perfect for adding text, subtitles, audio, and professional touches to your screen recording).


As you probably know, there are tons of screen recorders for your computer, but most of them are not really easy to use. In fact, some of them are as bad as they are expensive. RecordCast is different. It is highly customizable, which means that you can choose between different recording modes, and you can add many functions, for example, the ability to add a funny sticker.

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