Download Signal Messenger App: The Best Alternative to WhatsApp

I’m sure you have heard the massive amount of rumors surrounding the new privacy policy of Whatsapp. It scared us a little bit. Didn’t it?

All of us want to prevent any kind of data breach and there is no denying that our privacy is dearer to us than anything else in the world.

We would never want a third party to read our chats or keep an eye on our shared data. However, these rumors have led people to search for other alternatives for Whatsapp.

After thorough research, 2-3 alternatives to Whatsapp have emerged. The most recommended alternative messaging apps are Telegram, Viber, and Signal – Private Messenger.

Signal emerged as the primary robust Whatsapp alternative, especially after Elon Musk personally recommended people to use the app.

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The majority of people around the world have agreed to make Signal a robust Whatsapp alternative.

In this article, we will learn about the basics and a few other details regarding the messaging app Signal.

A signal is a private messaging app that is a completely free-to-use, secure, and user-friendly app.

Just like Whatsapp, Signal is available on almost every platform including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS as well as Android.

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Signal Messenger App

Signal Messenger App Key Features:

• End-to-end encryption, Signal goes one step further than the other messaging apps like Whatsapp or Telegram and encrypts your metadata as well.

• To protect user privacy from all aspects Signal devised a new way to communicate between the sender and the recipient and it’s called Sealed Sender. So basically with Sealed Sender, no one will be able to know not even Signal who is messaging whom.

• One of the most unique features of Signal is that you can set a timer for the message you send. It will disappear after the timer runs out. Isn’t that interesting?

• You can set the timer for 5 seconds or even for a week! You can also pin chats or groups just like you do on Whatsapp.

• Share voice messages, text messages, pictures, videos, documents, and contacts easily.

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• Make HD voice & video calls to other people who use the Signal app across the world for free.

• Create unlimited groups and stay always connected to your friends, family & colleagues.

• Signal app does not contain any advertisement, affiliate links, and tracking code.

• You can back-up chats, add stickers, download additional stickers, and share media with ease. Download all your chat backup offline without having an internet connection.

How to Create a Signal Account?

• You can download this private messenger from Google Play if you have an Android smartphone & if you are using an iPhone download it from Apple App Store.

• To use signal on any other platform, you have to set download it on your smartphone and set up your Signal account.

• You can set up your Signal account via your mobile number, and then your number will be verified by an OTP.

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• After verification, you will need to set up a security PIN and enter other required details.

• You will have to remember your PIN as it will be a primary method to log in to your Signal account anytime.

• You can change your PIN as per your choice. After you create a PIN, you have successfully created your Signal account.

How to Link your Signal Account to other Devices?

• After creating your Signal account, you can successfully link the same to any of your desired devices.

• Download the software on any platform and scan the QR code to link your signal account.

• You can do video calls, message, and even voice call via your PC easily.

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How to Create Groups on Signal Messenger App?

• To create groups on Signal Private Messenger, you need to have a majority of your contacts or your friends on Signal too.

• Similar to Whatsapp, you can tap on the ‘New message’ icon and add as many friends or people as you want.

• You can also share the group’s invite link with your friends or anyone and ask them to join the group by simply clicking on the link.

• You can also choose admins that can moderate who joins the group. You will successfully create a group.

In conclusion, Signal can be a robust alternative to Whatsapp due to its unique and wide range of features. The signal is a nonprofit project developed by donations from many people like us.

Download Signal Messenger App
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