Download Slingo Deluxe Game for Windows PC (Free Full Version)

Slingo Deluxe game contains three new versions with great features. Its bingo and slot are combined with classic, mixed matrix, and patterns. The Slingo deluxe experience is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing games, winning prizes, and having fun.

If you like Slots & Bingo, you’ll love Slingo Deluxe. Download and enjoy the game on any Windows operating system including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11 PC. You have to take your spin fast enough. When the red “Take Spin” button flashes you will have 10 seconds to click on it.

Set game pace to match how you want to play. New score tracking to improve your personal bests or compete with family and friends. Pattern mode lets you match a certain number of patterns and keep playing to wager all your points where you can win more or lose it all.

  • The classic Slingo version is the best and most popular Slingo version online.
  • Mixed Matrix mode lets you match numbers all over the board instead of in one column.
  • Similar to the classic Slingo version total of 30 patterns to complete.

Each of the Slingo download game versions uses different strategies due to gameplay differences in each version.

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Slingo Deluxe PC Game

Slingo Deluxe Game Key Features:

Classic has three main strategies:

• First match numbers which can lead to multiple Slingos at the same time.

• Save your Free Spins until the last spins possible. (the last four spins incrementally cost more)

• Always use your Super Jokers carefully. Do not use it to match a number that can be matched with a number in the wheel or a Joker.

Mixed Matrix:

Accumulate the highest number of points by trying to cover all the numbers on your game card in (20) spins or less. The numbers in the game matrix are scrambled (any numbers can appear in any column). The gameplay is similar to Classic Slingo with the following exceptions:

1. Numbers in the wheels can be used to match numbers in any column, but Jokers can match numbers only in the column above. Super Jokers can match numbers in any column.

2. Only one free spin is possible in each game.

3. There is a speed bonus for completing each spin:

  • 0-10 seconds = 4x current Points
  • 10-20 seconds = 2x current Points
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Patterns strategic decisions are different from the Classic and Mixed Matrix versions in the following ways. The patterns version contains a series of (30) different patterns, one in each game.

The patterns and the number of spins required to match the patterns become progressively more difficult. Patterns will always appear in the same sequence. The gameplay is similar to Classic Slingo with the following exception:

• The goal in this version is to match each pattern so you can move on to the next pattern. There is a total of (30) patterns to complete.

• There is a bonus for each pattern that is matched.

• When possible, first use your Super Jokers and Jokers to match the numbers in the Pattern.

Bonus Awards:

Each pattern completed awards a 100 Point bonus. There is a bonus for completing all (30) of the patterns – 100,000 Points.

Slingo Deluxe Game for PC

How to Play Slingo Deluxe Game on Windows PC?

  • Click on the player card or the change player button.
  • Select a card that says “Empty”.
  • It will prompt you for a name.
  • Now you have a new card for a new player.
  • Press okay and you are ready to go.

All New Score Tracking:

  • Tracks your scores.
  • Records your all-time high scores.
  • Ranks you among your competitors.
  • Keeps separate scores for each game version.

Change Background Screens:

Select default background screens or add a custom backgrounds screen. Put your own images, sized to 640×480 dimensions, into your “My Pictures/Slingo Backgrounds” folder. (You can find this folder through the link in your Start Menu in the Slingo directory).

Pictures put in this folder appear in the game the next time you launch it. You can get to different pictures by clicking the Background Arrows on the game page.

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Download Details:

File Name: Slingo Deluxe

Download Size: 3.94 MB

File Type: .Exe

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11

License: Free Download

Language: English

Publisher: Funkitron

Category: Free Puzzle Games

Ratings: Good

Download Slingo Deluxe for Windows PC

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